PDS Is the World's Best At...

Helping pharmacy owners shift from transactional, retail script counters to more dynamic leaders of high-performance teams with a great culture.

We expose our members to the juiciest underserved niche market opportunities that increase customer lifetime value.

And most importantly, we strive to provide access to connections with like-minded individuals who walk the same terrain as you -- sharing best practices and emotional, collaborative support.

WARNING: Side Effects

Possible side effects may include: Clarity and optimism in your business decisions, managing a team with a shared purpose, financial freedom, the confidence to lead unapologetically, freedom to choose how you spend your time and transcending from being successful to significant.

What PDS Members Say


"You have a lot of resources around you to show you exactly the step-by-step process. We implemented over 40 new ideas in our pharmacy. If I had looked a year ago and said, I'm going to get these 40 things done in the next 12 months, I would have given up. I wouldn't have even started."
Cliff Holt
Family Pharmacy, La Verkin, UT


"Seeing just one department of our company gross $65,000 that wasn't there a year ago, I mean, it's awesome."
Stacy Welling
Whaley's Pharmacy, Jefferson City, MO

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