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Will You Be At The 2016 Pharmacy Event of the Year?


February 24-27, 2016

Renaissance Orlando, Orlando, FL

Join hundreds of the most progressive Pharmacy Entrepreneurs to sharpen your mind, broaden your leadership skills and discover ready-to-implement ideas that will make your business take off.

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"You have a lot of resources around you to show you exactly the step-by-step process. We implemented over 40 new ideas in our pharmacy. If I had looked a year ago and said, I'm going to get these 40 things done in the next 12 months, I would have given up. I wouldn't have even started."

Greg Diel

"If you're going to try and keep doing things the same way you've been doing them, you will get left behind. The marketplace is changing continually, and personally I don't have the time to go out and see how it's changing and ways to battle the changes.  PDS does that for me."

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