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Owning a pharmacy isn't just about selling prescriptions. Stepping into the role of pharmacy entrepreneur means contributing to something that's much grander. It's about moving the profession forward and empowering your team to create the most remarkable healthcare experience in your community.

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PDS Is the World's Best At...

Helping pharmacy owners shift from transactional, retail script counters to more dynamic leaders of high-performance teams with a great culture.

We expose our members to the juiciest underserved niche market opportunities that increase customer lifetime value.

And most importantly, we strive to provide access to connections with like-minded individuals who walk the same terrain as you -- sharing best practices and emotional, collaborative support.

WARNING: Side Effects

Possible side effects may include: Clarity and optimism in your business decisions, managing a team with a shared purpose, financial freedom, the confidence to lead unapologetically, freedom to choose how you spend your time and transcending from being successful to significant.

What PDS Members Say


"You have a lot of resources around you to show you exactly the step-by-step process. We implemented over 40 new ideas in our pharmacy. If I had looked a year ago and said, I'm going to get these 40 things done in the next 12 months, I would have given up. I wouldn't have even started."
Cliff Holt
Family Pharmacy, La Verkin, UT


"Seeing just one department of our company gross $65,000 that wasn't there a year ago, I mean, it's awesome."
Stacy Welling
Whaley's Pharmacy, Jefferson City, MO

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