Pharmacy Development Services

We transform pharmacy owners into bona fide entrepreneurs and help them be more successful than they ever dreamed possible.


How We Do It

  • Subject Matter Experts that educate and coach you to achieve your goals faster and easier in their respective areas of expertise. These are the people who have actually done it already. 

  • Performance Specialists who have the knowledge and experience in multiple niches. They function as project managers liaising with a point of contact on your team enabling you to maintain the forward momentum long enough to see your initiatives through to the finish line.

  • Quality Assurance Analysts that monitor the progress of every PDS member on a monthly basis in order to ensure that we are fulfilling our Brand Promise which includes:

    1. Earning you back the cost of your membership investment as quickly as possible.
    2. Multiplying the return on your investment as many times as possible during the year.
    3. Making your business better.
    4. Making your life easier.
    5. Increasing the value of your business.
  • Business Development Coaching to help you improve your leadership and management capabilities and improve the efficiency of your team.
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Who We Are

Never before, in this industry, has such a diverse and multi-disciplined team of experts been assembled to help you run an even better business. Your PDS membership gives you access to a level of skill sets designed to increase your profitability, make your business better, more valuable and most importantly, make your life easier, while giving you more time and freedom for yourself.

Our team is your team and includes:

  • Bankers
  • Business Coaches
  • CPA’s
  • Corporate Executives
  • Engineers
  • Marketers
  • Pharmacists
  • Pharmacy owners 
  • Project Managers
  • Trainers
  • HR Experts


In an industry full of questions, PDS provides answers! We know what it takes to THRIVE in today's market. Membership means belonging to a network of successful, informed, and innovative healthcare and business professionals.

PDS is dedicated to the success of independent pharmacies. Just because you're independent, doesn't mean you are alone. Click below to receive a brief follow-up call from one of our expert consultants. 

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The Vision

Being independent by definition is freedom from the control, influence, support, aid, or the likes, of others. But as large companies continue to consolidate the industry, what emerges are bigger, stronger entities with greater and greater leverage that have to be dealt with or competed against.

We believe that no one is capable of meeting all of the needs, of all of their patients, all of the time. Whenever you can't, you have a missed opportunity. But, what if a super network of independent yet interdependent stores could be created where everyone would have access to resources outside of their scope of capabilities? Everyone wins! It’s a big dream to be sure, but one that can be successful regardless of the number of participating members.

The Mission

We are here to transform an industry and help good people like you, along the way. The purpose of PDS is to develop engaged independent pharmacies to improve and thrive in an evolving healthcare environment, while becoming more valuable contributors to a potential super network.


PDS membership is an education expense and is completely tax deductible. The net after tax cost for our entry level program is $38.03 a day (based on a 5.5 day work week). If you have two stores, your cost is cut in half. As part of our brand promise, we can increase your profitability per day in multiples of $38.03 a day in your first month of membership. In other words, the real “cost” of PDS membership is not joining and leaving a lot of monetary opportunities on the table. 

Our most popular level is the Advanced Level Annual Membership*: $1500/per month. This is the most popular level of membership. The most significant difference of this level of membership is your level of engagement. Advanced members work with a Project Manager to manage your projects with a key point of contact on your team to get projects over the finish line, faster and easier. With too much already on your plate, this makes your life easier and leverages your valuable time.

Elite Level Annual Membership*: $2500/per month. This level of membership is designed for the single store operator with 20 or more employees or the multi store operator. The most significant benefits of this level of membership are onsite team trainings and management team coaching.

* Additional membership levels and benefits included beyond the highlights listed.

PDS membership is not assured just because you can write a check. It has to be a good fit, for you and for us. You have no desire to spend $15,000 to $30,000 and not get your money’s worth. And we have no desire to work with owners that are not willing to put in any effort. Our programs are solid, we have the track record to prove it but nothing happens until something moves. If you are not ready to improve, then we are not a good match. To determine if your goals and desires match up with what we provide, please click the link below to request a free business assessment with a PDS Business Advisor. 


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