Your Pharmacy.
Your Game Plan.

Running a successful pharmacy is no easy task.
That’s why you need the right team—and the right strategy.
We’ll get you there.

Win with Clarity.

With PDS in your corner, the game changes.

Win with Clarity.

With PDS in your corner, the game changes.

“They have helped me in so many ways, not only from a business standpoint but from a personal standpoint… it’s been very rewarding.”

Can PDS Actually Help Me?

Here are the three most common questions that PDS gets from owners like you when they’re thinking about membership.

How Can I End My Financial Distress?

How Do I Accelerate My Growth?

How Can I Run My
Business Better?

What if a path to meaningful growth didn’t require exponential time and energy?

PDS gives our members an edge over their competition. Unlike drug distributors, buying groups and trade associations, PDS is 100% focused on equipping independent pharmacy owners like you with the skills they need to make their lives better and their business more valuable.

For over 20 years, PDS has been carefully crafting a performance framework and member experience specific to independent pharmacies that delivers incredible success.

As pharmacy owners ourselves, we know how to push you without overwhelming you or your staff. We’ll work directly with you and your team to build a stronger business, provide better patient service and cultivate leadership that increases profits.

We’ll also plug you into a community of like-minded peers who all want the same things you do — to assure we all have the confidence to be agile, fluid and resilient to the ups and downs of the pharmacy industry.

As a PDS member you’ll gain the clarity you need to focus on what matters today, tomorrow and into the future. To learn more about why PDS is the right partner for you, start here.

Financial Impact

Fast interventions that help right away, plus long-term strategies for cash and capital.

The Right Team

Recruitment and retention strategies that get you the talent you need.

Headache-Free Operations

Stop the fire drills and take a break. Now you’ve got the resources you need at your disposal.

pds solves


Are you missing opportunities to serve and earn?


Are DIR fees and clawbacks slowing your growth?


Are the PBMs
wrecking your profitability?


Are you letting cash flow hinder your success?

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“It’s not about the volume of scripts you do, it’s about the quality.”

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What’s it like when it all starts working? We want to help you find out.

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