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Real Owners, Real Stories

“It’s not about the volume of scripts you do, it’s about the quality.”

Mansour M.

“Two big changes, our team and our revenue.”

Jessica K.

“At the end of 2016, there wasn’t enough money in the bank account. Which brought in 2017 and a complete turnaround.”

Beaux C.

How do PDS members achieve this tremendous success?

Independents thrive through PDS' proprietary programs

Through innovative and proprietary programs such as RxAnalytics, PDS shows you where your most profitable revenue streams are hiding. Our members are enjoying record annual profits in spite of increasing industry challenges.

We teach you and your team what pharmacy schools don’t. Learn how to read financials, manage cash flow and operate your pharmacy at the highest efficiency. Discover how to better run your pharmacy instead of your pharmacy running you.

Becoming a great leader doesn’t happen by accident and rarely occurs naturally. Leading is not managing; it’s inspiring, coaching, developing and expanding the world of possibilities with yourself and those you lead.

Learn how to lead a high performing team that is focused on improving patient outcomes and business profitability. Say goodbye to dysfunction and wasting of valuable labor resources. Create peace of mind and freedom with a highly trained staff.

PDS is Tried and True: Listen to your peers

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PDS isn’t for every owner.

We love to work with owners who haven’t given up and are committed to advancing their business.

Text or call and let’s find out if we’re a good fit for each other. Or send us an email or book a call directly with a PDS expert by clicking below.