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Are you tired of seeing the big guys win over and over?

It's your turn! Stop watching from the sidelines as everyone else wins. Stop suffering through unfair clawbacks, dwindling returns and ineffective "old school" strategies, we're here to give you an advantage in an unfair game.

Pharmacy Development Services (PDS) is the solution hundreds of pharmacy owners have already discovered. Running a thriving independent pharmacy is within your reach with PDS.


pharmacy owners, unite and win!

The PDS All Star Super-Conference is the most important pharmacy conference you will ever attend. Guaranteed.

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We teach your team what pharmacy schools don't! By giving you profitable, proven strategies and the platform to connect with a community that supports your success, you'll be able to create significant and sustainable profitability for your pharmacy. PDS members on average experience $236,000 in additional profits per year. What would you do with that extra profit?

Improve Profitability

We'll show you where to find and tap into your most profitable revenue streams. There is a reason why PDS members on average experience $236,000 in annual profits!

Business and Leadership Skills

We teach you how to lead a high-performing pharmacy team that is synced and focused on profits and patient outcomes. Say goodbye to mistrust and high turnover; say hello to peace of mind.

Financial Literacy

We take the guesswork out of your pharmacy financials. Never be held hostage by your cashflow again! You'll go from monthly stress to peace of mind in no time. Don't believe us? Your peers do.

Create More Time & Freedom

You don't want to worry about spending time doing the things you love with the people that matter most in life. PDS will free you up for what's most important.

real people, real results

"PDS provides me with my ideal lifestyle. I wanted to put my family first and have my social life. My business has to help provide those two things."
Kevin A.
PDS Member

The impact has been almost immeasurable, from year to year, the things we continue to do...the benefits compound themselves.
Chris L.
PDS Member

You will see your savings and profit on your bottom line.
Sandra H.
PDS Member

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PDSAdvantage is a community of pharmacy owners united in one networking platform to discuss changes and trends in the industry, plus it comes packed with a comprehensive library of tools and information that you can use in your business.

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