3 Independent Pharmacy Lessons from The Walking Dead

Adapt or Be Left Behind (1).jpgThe Walking Dead (TWD) series has captured the dark imagination of TV audiences over the past six years, and fans (many of whom work at Pharmacy Development Services) are counting down for the season premiere this Sunday. We’ve identified the top three TWD lessons that independent pharmacy owners can apply to running their business.

You may be thinking, “What can a zombie show teach me about running a pharmacy?”

Ok, so you aren’t facing literal life and death decisions in a post-apocalyptic world, but pharmacy owners everywhere are facing significant changes in an industry that is fighting to survive and thrive — just like Rick Grimes and his team.

  1. Learn to Adapt or Be Left Behind
    In the Walking Dead, this lesson is at the forefront of every moment. Characters are constantly under attack by walkers and humans alike. Those who are unable to change their view and shift how they do things in the world are left to fend for themselves or worse — they’re dead. This lesson is one that should be top of mind every day for independent pharmacy owners. Adaptation is a requisite for achieving success in the current state of this industry. Those who continue to do things as they always have will be left behind.
  2. Build and Keep Strong Network
    Rick Grimes can’t go it alone in the walker-infested post-apocalyptic world. The right team and reliable connections are key to survival in the series and as an pharmacy entrepreneur. Every person you meet has unique insight and talents that play a major role in the success and survival of the group–the unified goal. Surrounding yourself with like-minded people with the same goals such as creating a sustainable and profitable pharmacy business in an increasingly imbalanced industry is key to finding success.
  3. Let Go of Legacy Ideas
    The group in the series is constantly faced with having to let go of ideas they thought were the answers. They have gone from living in tents to an old farmhouse, then an abandoned prison, and finally to the disastrous decision that was Terminus. Survival is dependent on letting go and moving on when the initial path is no longer working. Holding on to the past doesn’t do any good in an industry in the midst of massive change. Between technological innovations and chain pharmacy conglomerates holding on to the nostalgia of the old days is the anchor weighing you down and hindering true growth.

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