3 Surefire Ways PDS 2017 Will Add Value to Your Pharmacy

PDS Conference 2016.jpg
Attending any pharmacy conference is an investment that should be weighed against the potential ROI. Before purchasing a ticket, ask yourself if it is worth the time and money to attend and how the event will add value and increase profits for your independent pharmacy.

This is where the 2017 PDS All-Star Super-Conference comes in — finding value here is only limited by your willingness to implement with intent to win. The enthusiasm and energy of pharmacy owners while in attendance is a major reason why headlining sponsors keep coming back, year after year. Owners arrive ready to find solutions and make decisions. The relationships created between exhibitors, and business owners are invaluable when it comes to solving problems and driving profits for pharmacy owners.

We’ve broken down three of these common problems and how exhibitors participating in PDS 2017 can help mitigate these issues.

  • Finding New & Innovative Products — Your pharmacy is much more than a prescription filling center, but adding new products to your set can be a time-consuming challenge. It’s important to identify innovative products that add value for your customers. The last thing you want is to invest in a product that sits on your shelf. At PDS 2017 you can expect to connect with high-quality product exhibitors that immediately add value to your store and increase your profits.
    • Conference exhibitor Nordic Naturals is one example. They recently celebrated their 20th anniversary as a leader in the natural products industry. Their commitment to surpassing international pharmaceutical standards, assuring freshness and purity as well as their constant research-based innovation has earned them a significant piece of the Omega-3 space.
  • Compliance — A major issue for pharmacists; compliance standards may not be a pretty or exciting topic, but it can’t be ignored. Staying on top of regulations is time-consuming, and most pharmacy owners cannot afford to devote as much time as needed to managing this aspect of the business.
    • R.J. Hedges & Associates is another exhibitor committed to making the operation of your business easier by taking the pressure of compliance off your shoulders. Self-described as the “Nation’s leading compliance and accreditation experts,” they offer turnkey solutions covering everything from compounding, fraud & HIPPA to immunizations, Medicare & OSHA. Connect with exhibitors that will keep you and your pharmacy prepared for everything from government inspections to audits — all while relieving the stress and consumption of managing it yourself.
  • Cutting Edge Technology — Tech solutions are imperative to maintaining, growing, and maximizing efficiency for your pharmacy. If we told you there is a company that provides solutions to support business growth, better health outcomes, and lower medical costs, what would you say? We are sure it would go something like, “Sign me up!”
    • Parata, a headlining sponsor of PDS 2017, is a brand trusted by more than 12,000 pharmacies. The company works in collaboration with pharmacy experts to identify challenges and build solutions for pharmacists. The three leading solutions that will immediately benefit your pharmacy once you implement a Parata system are:
      • Automated dispensing
      • Adherence packaging
      • Consulting and support services

We understand that managing all the aspects of your pharmacy is stressful and time-consuming. Stop trying to reinvent the wheel and start looking for proven ways to increase efficiency, create value, and provide your staff with the tools they need to excel and win in an unfair game. We guarantee the PDS 2017 All-Star Super-Conference will do all of this and more for your business. No other conference puts the industry’s leading exhibitors in the same room as the top pharmacy entrepreneurs for three and a half days straight to focus on creating profitable outcomes and identifying actionable solutions.

It’s time to forge long-term relationships with reputable exhibitors who will contribute to your success and continue to drive profits and business growth for your pharmacy. Sign up today and start building a powerful network that will bring true value to business.