5 Ways to Run More Effective Pharmacy Meetings


Staff meetings are an important part of running any business successfully, yet many employees report that they dread them. Pharmacy meetings should never be thought of as boring or a waste of time. On the contrary, meeting time with your team should leave your employees feeling excited and empowered to do their very best work.

Here are 5 ways to run more efficient and effective pharmacy team business meetings:

1) Keep Meetings Brief

Sixty minutes is generally the longest amount of time that workers can remain truly engaged, so do not schedule meetings over an hour if you can avoid it. If you regularly run the meetings and have a reputation for being someone who keeps meetings brief, you will be amazed at how many employees will make every effort to attend and give you their full attention.

2) Only Invite Essential Personnel

Before scheduling a mandatory meeting, consider who needs to attend. When people feel that what’s being discussed isn’t relevant to them, they view their attendance at the meeting as a waste of time. If you’re announcing a change, invite the people who are affected by the announcement. If you’re trying to solve a problem, ask the people who will be good sources of information for a solution. There are certainly times when it is important to invite the entire staff to a meeting, but those are probably few and far between.

3) Commit to a Schedule

Write down exactly what needs to be discussed and assign a length of time to each topic. Print and distribute the schedule or place it on a screen. This will keep attendees focused on you and prepared for upcoming topics instead of wondering how long the meeting will last and scrambling to respond when it’s their turn to speak. Most importantly, once you’ve created a schedule for your meeting, make sure you stick to it. Your staff will appreciate your efforts to respect their valuable time.

4) Limit Meeting Hijacking

Nothing derails a meeting faster than one person is talking more than his or her fair share. If you notice someone monopolizing the conversation, put an end to it immediately. You can do that by saying, “we appreciate your contribution and would like to hear input from others before making a decision.” Establishing ground rules early on will create a framework for how your employees will respond during your meetings.

5) Recap at the End

Spend the last five to ten minutes of the meeting recapping decisions and discussing action items. If only managers and supervisors attended the meeting, be clear about what information should be disseminated to each of their respective departments.

When done correctly, meetings can be an integral part of increasing productivity and building an exceptional pharmacy culture. If you’re looking for more ways to empower your staff, develop new leadership skills as a pharmacy owner or identify profitable new niches, PDS can help!

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