6 Ways to Make Your Pharmacy Employees Feel Appreciated


Pharmacy staff is one of the most vital tools when it comes to keeping customers happy. Their smiling faces and helping hands is the first impression your customer gets when they enter your pharmacy’s door. Providing employees with a great work atmosphere makes them more likely to develop a positive personal connection with each customer, resulting in a great level of care and service. As a business owner, establishing an environment of appreciation and support should be your main task in creating high-quality experiences for your customers.

If you’re worried that showing appreciation to your employees means providing expensive benefits and outlandish gifts, think again! There are plenty of ways to acknowledge hard work and dedication without breaking your budget:

  1. Introduce an Employee of the Month ProgramAsk your team to nominate and vote for a colleague who deserves special recognition. This kind of collaborative acknowledgment goes a long way toward making employees feel appreciated. To be the most effective, ask staff members to provide specific reasons for their nomination. Then, present the award at a staff meeting. Designate space for the employee of the month photo on the pharmacy wall, so customers can participate in recognizing those who provide excellent service. Patients will be excited to realize that a person who fills their prescriptions on a regular basis is this month’s superstar.
  1. Implement a Urock ProgramLike a rewards program for a supermarket, the Urock program distributes points to employees for any positive behaviors, such as punctuality. Points may be redeemed for small prizes, gift cards or sought-after privileges like an extra vacation day or a longer lunch break. The introduction of such a program can energize employees and provide a tangible goal to work toward.
  1. Celebrate AchievementsPlan a surprise celebration for an employee or a team of workers who excelled in a certain task or successfully completed a difficult project. The celebration doesn’t need to be expensive or elaborate – play music and provide ice cream or throw a pizza party. The employees you recognize will be delighted that their work was noticed and appreciated.
  1. Recognize Your Employees’ Personal AccomplishmentsYour employees are much more than pharmacy staff. Work/life balance has become a huge priority for American workers in recent years, so your staff will be thrilled to know that you acknowledge major milestones in their personal lives. Maybe a member of your staff recently completed their first marathon, got married or donated blood to theRed Cross. They will enjoy your recognition of personal accomplishments, even if it’s a simple announcement at your next staff meeting.
  1. Write a Formal Letter

This a simple, free and heartfelt method for recognizing awesome employees. Write a letter or card explaining in detail why you appreciate their hard work. Deliver a copy to the employee and place a copy of the letter in the employee’s file.

  1. Set Up a Suggestion Program

This can be as simple as setting up a suggestion box or as thorough as completing a company-wide survey. Ask for ideas on everything from building employee morale to improving inventory procedures. Employees who believe that their opinions and ideas are taken seriously are more likely to feel invested in your pharmacy’s success.

Recognizing your team doesn’t have to be elaborate or costly. With so many easy-to-implement ways to acknowledge your staff, there’s no reason for any pharmacy employee to feel invisible or underappreciated. As the owner, you can use these six methods to foster a supportive, productive workplace that will make your pharmacy more enjoyable for everyone. As your staff morale improves, your customer service will inevitably follow suit.

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