ABCs of PBM Billing

Program Description

The ABCs of PBM Billing course teaches the ins and outs of your
PBM manuals and contracts. You’ll get a deep dive of CVS, ESI, OptumRx
and Prime Therapeutics contractual and manual language. Learn the manual
language and traps in order to protect your business and livelihood.
Presented by Christopher Gruber, PharmD and Mark Newkirk, RPh, BSBA,
of Pharmacy Compliance Consulting, LLC

Top Benefits
  • Learn information to help with audits, current or in the future
  • Each contract is unique and the differences are important to understand
  • Give your employees the confidence they need to thrive in their roles
  • No longer feel powerless when dealing with PBMs

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Financial Impact

Financial Impact

Keep more of your high-profit earnings by remaining in compliance with your contracts

Confidently bill high margin prescriptions, knowing you are in compliance

Keep your contracts by avoiding risky billing behaviors