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Every pharmacy owner is feeling the pinch in their bottom line as retail prescriptions have become less profitable in recent years. You may be wondering what you can do to reverse the trend. PDS has several solutions for pharmacy owners and one surefire way is to diversify your revenue streams. An often overlooked profitable niche is long term care (LTC) business. LTC prescriptions are more profitable than retail due to higher overall reimbursement, no DIR fees, better COGS and a decreased cost of dispensing.

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The Big Uglies And How You Can Use Them To Win More LTC Business.

Prescriptions that are classified as LTC can come from a variety of facilities. We are going to focus on residential care (RC) and assisted living (AL) facilities. Below is the top 10 deficiencies seen in Florida AL facilities from a 2018 report. While these are from Florida, we can extrapolate the most AL facilities in other states probably experience trouble in these same spots. If you can present a solution to these facilities that solve most of their compliance issues “Big Uglies”, you can earn their business which is great for your bottom line. ACC AL Cloud Care is the perfect solution partner for your pharmacy.

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Assisted Living FacilityTop Ten Health Deficiency Citations Statewide Florida January 1, 2018 through December 31, 2018

ACC Al Cloud Care’s software solution will cost less than other software

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Automation removes human error and forgetfulness to improve compliance

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Additional Information About Sushoo’s ACC AL Cloud Care Software Solution For Pharmacies

Earn New Business, No DIR Fees, Improve Your Profits, Expand Your Service Offerings

1. The PDS & Sushoo/ACC partnership gives you the solutions to super-charge your sales to senior care facilities!
2. Provides complete eMAR solutions at a cost of $3 per bed per month.
3. ​Interfaces with your pharmacy dispensing software.
4. Improves the efficiency of the staff for both facilities and pharmacies.
5. Helps facilities meet their electronic records requirements.
6. Provides robust solutions to meet the needs or a variety of facilities and requirements.

Imagine an area of your business that you could freely grow without the negative influence of DIR fees!

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