PDS created Advanced Leadership to help owners accelerate their growth. It pairs members with hand-selected leaders that have a wealth of knowledge to share. Meet these facilitators:

PDS created its proprietary flagship program, Advanced Leadership, in 2011, to address the leadership development needs of independent pharmacy owners and their teams. This highly experiential and revered program has graduated hundreds of participants and is facilitated by a hand-selected group of trained facilitators. Meet the team of leaders below.

Terri Norvell

Terri Norvell - Business Coach

Originally from Toledo, Ohio, then Dallas, Texas, San Francisco Bay Area and now Denver, Colorado, Terri’s a gal who likes to get around. Being raised in her dad’s pharmacy, she experienced the first generations of an automatic pill counter along with a bench compute…revolutionary!

She’s the mother of 22 year old twins who are fully launched from the nest, so to speak. If she had a dog, it would be a golden doodle because they are so darn cute and hyper-allergenic. She sees one in her future.

With more than 25 years experience in up-and-down market cycles, Terri excels at helping leaders and their teams thrive with change and create bottom-line impact. She’s brilliant at getting people out of their own way so that they can achieve their desired results. Yes, it is possible! Terri is very high energy with a positive attitude and has the ability to get people to change – quickly and permanently. From an owner to your front line, teams learn to focus on what’s working and align to turn challenges into opportunities.What’s her secret? Terri is co-teacher of ALP which uses a blend of science-backed research, including NLP (neurolinguistic programming), DiSC behavioral and motivation tools, applied neuroscience, kinesiology, emotional intelligence, positive intelligence, and quantum learning. Why? Because she knows these concepts unlock a new mindset that leads our members to a life of clarity, confidence, freedom, and joy. And who wouldn’t want this?

Juliet Brown

Juliet Brown - Business Coach

Juliet founded a Boulder, Colorado, based company offering professional co-active coaching and consulting. She brings over 20 years of professional experience in leadership, management, training, and coaching with multinational computer companies, small businesses, and individuals.

Juliet graduated from college in England and furthered her studies in America by becoming a certified professional coach with accreditation by the International Coach Federation (ICF). She also completed the Michael Gerber’s E-Myth Mastery training .Juliet is known for her ability to connect with people finding out what is important to them and why. This has shown to be an essential first step in providing individuals and teams with the motivation to take the right action and produce results.

Through her continued passion and study of human behavior she brings a unique understanding of what can make individuals and organizations successful. Juliet has been a PDS Business Coach since 2011 forging success strategies with single and multi-store owners across the United States. Juliet’s loves include exercising in the great outdoors of Boulder with her husband, traveling to her native England and Europe, studying with a group of lively entrepreneurs, and serving through her church.

Sharon Rasnick

Sharon Rasnick - Business Coach

My greatest passion is helping organizations improve leadership and culture in service of team engagement, performance excellence and business results. My belief is the tools of coaching and training are powerful and effective when there is openness, specific goals are established, action is taken and all parties are actively engaged in the process.

As a passionate professional dedicated to transformation and change, I’ve spent my career leading, developing and managing others. I joined Pharmacy Development Services more than 9 years ago and have been responsible for developing and implementing strategic training programs and services to educate independent pharmacy owners in the areas of leadership, performance management and business development. Prior to joining PDS, I spent 16 years working for a Weight Watchers franchise located in South Florida. My experience included running the day to day operations of 21 retail locations, a central warehouse and an executive office staff as well as providing leadership to 5 key managers and 4 support staff. We provided service to more than 6000 members a week with a service delivery team of over 250 employees.

Tackling home improvement projects are a hobby of mine as I am very handy with a paint brush and circular saw. I can sincerely say that the home improvement stores are some of my favorite places to shop.

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