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The pharmacy industry is ever evolving, and we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of this evolution. Our web based app, PDS Advantage is your home base for everything Pharmacy Development Services has to offer. Get instant access to trending forum posts, upcoming training, member events, and a robust industry-only resource library. 

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Responsive Dashboard

Completely Re-Designed Dashboard

Acting as your home base for everything PDS. Get instant access to trending forum posts, upcoming trainings & events and a library of resources.


Continue the Conversation...

With our newly-redesigned message board & forum you will be able to not only connect with other pharmacy professionals in the industry message boards, you will also be able to continue conversations from PDS programs & trainings

  • Easily create new posts
  • Ability to upload files
  • Sharable forum links
  • Ability to subscribe to posts of interest

Redesigned Resource Library

We've got the tools ready-to-download. Simply search and gain access to relevant, helpful resources in a snap. We give you all the tools at your disposal. 

  • Searchable Resources
  • Document Preview
  • Sharable links
  • Subscribe to updates to files

Events, Trainings, Workshops

Be able to see all the upcoming events from one centralized location

  • Easily Sign up
  • See upcoming webinars
  • Easily break down by category
  • Search for your favorite program
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