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“I’ve been practicing for 38 years but it’s always been about how many prescriptions you can fill. Now it’s about the quality of the prescriptions.”


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Jeff Sherr

Jeff Sherr

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    Beyond Pain Protocol, the RxAnalytics strategy as a whole has proved beneficial to both Jeff’s customers and his margins. Switching patients to a new diabetic therapy, for instance, gave them a drug that was easier on their stomachs, while being just as effective. Moving patients to a new nasal spray, meant improving the bad taste associated with commonly-prescribed sprays. While many of the substitutions result in better financial benefits, for Jeff, helping his customers is the ultimate win. In order to maintain the pharmacy’s success with data mining, the pharmacists at Apple Discount Drugs now spend an hour a day actively looking for potential substitutions, which has changed the way Jeff operates his business.

  • Thriving While Others Are Struggling

    On top of the benefits to his patients, Jeff has also seen a major difference in the pharmacy’s cash flow. In a time where many independent pharmacists are struggling, for Jeff and Apple Discount Drugs, that stress has eased up. While he acknowledges that it’s still tough to be a small business in an industry dominated by chain stores, overall he’s been successful. Since the launching the Pain Protocol program in mid-May, Apple Discount Drugs has brought in $14,000 to $15,000 per month. While that number is impressive, it’s just a drop in the bucket as Jeff’s team implements multiple PDS programs year-round.

Why I love PDS

We’re faced with a lot of challenges in dealing with insurance, and we don’t have control over that. That’s where the pain creams and therapeutic interchanges come in. We can control that.

We speak with Patti, our Business Coach, twice a month. That’s the greatest value of everything. We present her with problems, and she’s incredible at steering us in the correct direction.

Instead of complainers, he describes PDS members as ‘visionaries.’ These people are looking to make changes and are hungry for ideas, willing to exchange best practices with each other. PDS has aligned itself with high quality people, who aren’t negative about the industry. They’re looking to find ways to not just survive, but prosper.

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