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[Free Ebook] Become a Bedside Delivery Expert

A well-planned pharmacy service can improve patient care, increase revenue and provide employee benefits. Bedside Delivery offers a great opportunity for the community pharmacy to establish a strong relationship with the patient for the appropriate "transition of care" during hospital discharge.

How can you effectively deliver medications to the patient's bedside while providing education and coordinating discharge communications? How do you follow up and hopefully keep patients from getting readmitted to the hospital?

This 7-step Guide to a Successful Bedside Delivery Program will help you create all-star patient experience by:

  • Presenting a plan to hospital administration for the pilot service
  • Identifying the opportunities to reduce hospital readmissions 
  • Making recommendations for best practices on patient retention...and more!

Download your FREE copy today and start developing your own plan for becoming a Bedside Delivery expert!

Start a Successful Bedside Delivery Program

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