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5 Key Takeaways from PDS 2019

Every February, the most progressive pharmacy owners from across…
April 13, 2019/by pdsmarketing

How to Avoid the Top 10 Pharmacy Injury Risks

Here at PDS, we take pride in highlighting some of our incredible…
February 17, 2019/by Ali Maiorana

The Neuroscience of Sales: Amanda Gore

If you’re an independent pharmacy owner, you might already…
February 1, 2019/by pdsmarketing

11 Tax Deductions Most Pharmacy Business Owners Should Tap Into

As a pharmacy owner, the tax law is filled with breaks to help…
December 26, 2018/by pdsmarketing

How to Use Persuasion to Increase Patient Buy-In

Are you looking to increase your number of patient transactions?…
December 3, 2018/by pdsmarketing

Employee Engagement: How to Effectively Influence Your Pharmacy Team

To increase employee engagement, it is critical to persuade or…
December 3, 2018/by pdsmarketing

Easy Ways Independent Pharmacy Owners Can Get More Referrals From Prescribers

Owning an independent pharmacy is easy, said no one ever. This…
November 30, 2018/by pdsmarketing

How to Create a Leadership Culture in Your Independent Pharmacy

How well you lead determines how well you succeed is not…
October 19, 2018/by pdsmarketing

2018 is the Year of the Independent Pharmacy Owner

If you're a pharmacy owner and you missed the 2018 PDS Super-Conference,…
March 2, 2018/by Koreen Leavitt
PBMs Profits

[SMOKING GUN] You’re Right, PBMs are Duping Pharmacy Owners

What we're about to show you will likely make your blood boil.…
January 5, 2018/by pdsmarketing

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