Board of Directors

Program Description

This Board of Directors program is intended for PDS members
who are eager to dramatically accelerate their wildly important
goals and to connect more profoundly with other PDS members.
The purpose of the Board of Directors is to facilitate the growth
and expansion of each member’s vision and goals. This exclusive
group is comprised of members whom PDS feels have the background,
experience and level of business success to benefit from the
meetings and contribute to the overall success of other Board Members.

Each Board of Directors Group consists of up to ten pharmacy owners.
Meetings take place three times per year and the kick-off meeting is in
South Florida. The remaining two meetings take place at a hotel nearby
the host pharmacy. Throughout the program, an on-site visit to each
pharmacy occurs for the purpose of a peer review, which provides up
to nine different perspectives around different aspects of your business.

Top Benefits
  • 90 Hours with Dan Benamoz and advisors
  • Monthly review of your progress from advisors and other members of the group
  • Invaluable time with high performing peers
  • Intense program to skyrocket your business development
board of directors

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Financial Impact

Financial Impact

Through deep critical analysis of your business you can discover hidden pitfalls in your business

Learn what other extremely successful pharmacy owners are doing to improve their business

Be part of the exclusive group that learns of new programs first and has a direct line of communication with Dan