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“By the end of the month, all stores had met their goal and had earned close to $90,000!”


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Vic Patel

Carolina Pharmacy – Arboretum

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  • Success Through Team Involvement

    Only a PDS member since July 2016, Vic and his team have profited impressively from implementing the Pain Protocol, earning $1.25 million and a 99x return on their PDS investment. What were the key factors in Vic’s success? Vic was able to create a winning formula by using PDS’ Pain Protocol and RxAnalytics Programs. He kept his entire team, from cashiers to managers, looped into his new strategies.

  • A Change In Mindset

    After his remarkable success, Vic asked how else his team could better their circumstances within their existing patient base. The answer was RxAnalytics. Paul, Vic’s PDS Business Coach, and Bryan, his Performance Specialist, have been invaluable when it comes to structuring Carolina Pharmacy – Arboretum. “Paul is helping me look at cash flow to plan better for the future,” shares Vic, adding that the PDS team has provided benchmarks for profit margins and conversions. “Prior to this, I had no frame of reference for the ‘average’ pharmacy of our size.” Now, Vic has trained himself to always be asking the questions: “What insurance is paying out better,” and “Where can we be more profitable?”

Why I love PDS

PDS has encouraged us to play around a bit. We’re less focused on rebates and more focused on profits by identifying NDCs that are slightly more expensive, but help us create more revenue.

I think we can improve quite a bit. I’m more confident in my ability to be a leader of all of our locations. Now, I’m not worried about the day-to-day operations

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