Improve Your Cash Balance and Cash Flow

For many pharmacy owners, worrying over how much money you have in the bank can lead to stress and fear of making ends meet. There are solutions within your grasp that will replenish your cash balance and enable you to:

  • Pay your wholesaler on time, every time.
  • Sleep at night knowing that your cash balance is on solid ground.
  • Learn how to insulate your business from the surprises from PBMs
  • Shed light on how your money moves through your business.
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What is the difference between Cash Balance and Cash Flow?

Cash Balance:

​The cash that you have in the bank.

Cash Flow:

​The net cash resulting from business operations
for a specific period of time.

Both are critical to your pharmacy. You need to have enough to pay your bills today and know if you have the right amount or too much money tied up in other areas of your business, such as payroll, inventory, receivables, etc. 

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What do the results of a PDS membership look like?

In 2018, PDS members on average made 5.3 times return on their investment, totaling $98MM in additional gross profits.

Experience your best year yet with a PDS membership. You’ll discover your greatest growth opportunities, connect with a community of like-minded peers, and have the commitment of a team of pharmacy experts dedicated to your success in every aspect of your business.

I like numbers. I like to be able to see and visualize what’s going on. With PDS, when I implement a program, I can see if it worked so I can continue doing what I’m doing.

Brad Harmon
Harmon’s Healthmart Pharmacy

How Does PDS Solve Problems with Cash Balance and Cash Flow?

In order to move from the unknown to the known, you have to understand the health of your finances. Stop worrying over how much money you have in the bank and start by creating a plan of attack.

With a PDS membership, you have exclusive access to pharmacy experts who can review a snapshot of your finances and give you an action plan to adjust and correct. Then with a plan in place you will have access to your Member Success Team for guidance and countless resources in PDSadvantage to execute your plan quickly and easily.

We also offer PDSfinancials, expert pharmacy accounting, if you want that extra comfort every month of knowing where you are with your cash balance and cash flow and how your action plan is working.

Take the next step to secure your financial freedom, get a clearer picture of the future of your pharmacy and shed the stress of making ends meet.

Once you understand your financial statements, you are ready to put together an action plan. One key component to your action plan will be to analyze your data regularly so you can pinpoint exactly where to strike your hammer for the most profitable outcomes and leverage unseen opportunities.

PDS membership includes access to our RxAnalytics® platform that shows you exactly which profitable opportunities exist in your pharmacy all while improving patient outcomes.

Service-Based Pharmacy

Our Service-Based Pharmacy program can be a solution for improving your Cash Balance.