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Cash Flow 101

Program Description

Cash Flow 101 is a workshop designed to help you identify
what’s happening in your business long before it’s symptoms
manifest. This live 2-day training will guide you on how to
read, understand and interpret your own financial statements
along with other critical pharmacy data. All of this will help
you make better decisions based on data rather than just
instinct, giving you the financial knowledge to make better
management decisions, react to issues sooner, course-correct,
and be able to seize new opportunities.

Top Benefits
  • Taught by Tom Wheelwright, founder and CEO of ProVision CPA firm and PDS Founder and President, Dan Benamoz
  • Track and manage financial patterns in your business
  • Understand how to separate your tax strategy from your business strategy

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Financial Impact

Financial Impact

With better cash flow invest in profit generating strategies

Learn to use ratios to improve your cash flow

Ensure peace of mind knowing that you are on solid financial ground