4 Essential Business Skills for Independent Pharmacy Success

business skillsOperating a successful pharmacy takes more than the mastery of a single clinical or business skill. The complexity and evolution of the industry have made it so extended hours or higher prescription volume are not enough to drive impactful pharmacy growth. Between declining reimbursements, ambiguous DIR fees, and a competitive pricing environment owners are faced with unique roadblocks not found in other industries. The surest approach to staying competitive is to hone skills that make you and your business better. So, where do you start? Which business skills are the most relevant to successful pharmacy ownership? We’ve got that answer!  

Below are the four business skills we frequently see in the most successful independent pharmacy owners.   

Business Skill #1 – Facing Failure

Pharmacy Owners: Learn to Fail

Failure may not seem like an indicator of success or a business skill but accepting unexpected outcomes with grace forges resilience. What matters the most is your reaction and next steps when the disappointment from a loss still stings. Do you throw your hands up and move on or do you analyze what went wrong and try to figure out how to improve the situation? Experiencing failure makes you a more resourceful, flexible and empathetic leader. The most successful pharmacy leaders respond with an open mind; choosing to see the moment as an opportunity for growth.  

Business Skill #2 – Grit

Build a Thriving Pharmacy Business in the Face of Adversity 

Regardless of industry; the top performers have grit. Though often intangible, it is an easy trait to recognize when someone possesses it. Passion, determination, and motivation to achieve is a unique and undeniable combination. With the state of the industry and the challenges pharmacy entrepreneurs face, grit is a requisite for creating sustainable growth in your pharmacy. Unfortunately, over time and in the face of industry roadblocks — it can fade. Surrounding yourself with passionate and like-minded colleagues while building an empowered and mission-aligned pharmacy team can make all the difference when the going gets tough. 

Business Skill #3 – Develop Meaningful Mentorships

Pharmacy Mentors: Independent Doesn’t Mean Alone

Experience is a pricey and critical asset when it comes to running a pharmacy. Clinical skills aside, becoming an entrepreneur requires a business education that most pharmacy schools don’t have in their curriculum. Forward-thinking pharmacy owners must be proactive about gaining this knowledge.  

With the pharmacy industry in constant flux, the concept of mentorship is ever more critical for success.  

At PDS, we believe that when independents share insight into what works and what doesn’t with a trusted network — our collective strength to influence change and affect the future of our industry increases exponentially. Learning to grow and leverage a trusted network is a business skill that cannot be overlooked.

The Value of Mentor Relationships

New pharmacy owners benefit from the wealth of knowledge that only comes with years of running a business. Long-time owners benefit from new information and different perspective of a younger generation. Mentorship a two-way street and both parties need to keep a few things in mind to create a mutually beneficial dynamic.   

  • Be Clear. Define and refine your goals, whether you’re writing a call agenda or setting quarterly objectives. 
  • Give As Much AYou Get. Bring enthusiasm and energy to your sessions. 
  • Stay Mindful. The advice you give will be taken to heart. If you’re venturing into unknown territory; don’t pretend to be an expert.  
  • Drop the B.S. Embrace candor within your mentorship. Honest feedback leads to real improvement. 

Business Skill #4 – Maintain an Innovator’s Mindset 

Meet Challenges with Innovation

Identifying areas to innovate should be a regular part of your business strategy. These opportunities can manifest in many ways. The employee that oversees your medication synchronization program may have ideas on how to add more patients to the program. A vendor you work closely with can introduce you to a new technology that changes everything. Keeping an “innovators mindset” is a critical business skill.We are all familiar with the saying,  

“If you are the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room.”  

As a business leader, you must see and nurture the value that your network brings to the table. Including your pharmacy team and trusted colleagues in this process will amplify your success.  

We can’t buy Aetna; we can’t merge with Target. But if we unite on a few key fronts, you are going to see an entirely different industry, ripe with opportunities. Read our latest white paper that outlines a Strategy for Independent Pharmacy to save itself. For 20 years, Pharmacy Development Services (PDS) has been helping thousands of owners across the country shift their business into high gear. We know firsthand what it takes to keep you operating at the top of your license.



Q1 in Review: 4 Simple Changes Every Pharmacy Owner Must Make Right Now

As we near the end of the first quarter, it’s time to pick your head up from the trenches and take a moment to look around your pharmacy. Take inventory of your four walls and everything in it. What do you see? 

Look at your team. Do you see a team that bickers with each other, or do you see a team who works together to accomplish a singular mission? Do they have a purpose in their everyday duties with measurable goals and milestones, or are they running through the motions of daily operation?  

Now look in your store. Take inventory of your endcaps, your checkout counters, carpets, uniforms… Are they clean and orderly?  

What you see right now is what your patients see when they walk through that door. Making small, incremental changes throughout the year to address cosmetic, structural or operational issues will compound to large wins by the end of the year.  

The idea is not to be consistently perfect, but to be consistently better

Instead of making unattainable promises to yourself, your business, your employees, and your patients resolve instead to do small, minor adjustments to your everyday routine that will become powerful catalyst for lasting growth.   

That’s why, instead of making grand resolutions this first quarter, make a simple commitment: “I am going to do something every day to make my pharmacy better.” 

Below are four simple habits you can implement to upgrade your 2018:  

Detox Your Workplace Culture 

If you want to make this the best year yet, you can’t do it alone. You need to rely on your team to help your patients, fill prescriptions and rise above the petty bickering that can often bring teams down.  

While complete culture change is often a long, tough road, the process must start at the top with simple first steps.  

Catch your employees doing something right. As owners and managers, we are too often fixated on recognizing everything employees do wrong. Before we realize it, only negativity comes out. To reverse this, aim to create a culture of positivity by recognizing an employee for a positive action every day. Let an employee know in a simple handwritten note that she did a good job with a patient that day or say thank you for covering for her sick coworker. You can spread positivity and encouragement in just two minutes every day. Just one action a day can have a long-lasting effect.

Spring Clean Your Pharmacy 

Every day, countless feet walk around your pharmacy. The look and smell become background white noise that you and your team no longer notice. However, that isn’t the case for your patients! Trust us; they notice the stain on the ceiling or the faded sign on the front door and, yes, your worn-out carpets.  

While a full remodel may not be possible or even needed, you can do some spring cleaning! Some examples of fast, easy improvements can be:

  • Moving OTC products around to new locations
  • Purchasing new waiting area chairs
  • Placing fresh daily hours stickers on the front door

Small and inexpensive changes like these can give a whole new look to your pharmacy and a new appreciation by your patients.  

Be Thankful  

The role of pharmacy owner is stressful and tiring.  It is often too easy to ruminate on only the challenges and roadblocks you experience. Gratitude, as simple as that sounds, can rewire you to become a more positive person. Taking a moment to appreciate something each day can boost your happiness and productivity. You can do this on your own, by thinking of 3 things you are thankful for every night before bed. You can also include your team and share positive stories at the end of the day, instead of just focusing on daily frustrations.  

Set SMART Pharmacy Goals

Most of us familiar with goal-setting realize that broad goal statements don’t translate into accomplishments without some heavy lifting and correcting course at least once. Specificity is critical when it comes to getting goals across the finish line. SMART goals are:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Realistic
  • Timely

Instead of saying I want a better year, you should say “I want to make $50,000 more in profit in 2018, or I want to attend all of my son’s football games this season.  

When you have a clear vision of your goal, you are more likely to achieve it. Encourage your employees to do the same for themselves, both personally, and professionally. If you’re not sure what is achievable in your pharmacy, we invite you to speak with one of our account executives that can share with you what other pharmacy owners have achieved in a single year.  

Applying incremental and impactful changes will add up to major wins by the end of the year. Regardless of the changes you implement; the point is to keep moving, consistently aim to improve and take quarterly reviews of your pharmacy.  

Launch Your Pharmacy to Amazing Heights in 2018

Want to learn more about what you should be focusing on in 2018? Watch the PDS 2018 Super-Conference recap video below for the 5 Key Takeaways from the conference and the strategies you should set your sights on to make this year the best your pharmacy has seen yet.


{PDS Sponsored Post} Automatic, Accurate Cycle Counting, Really!

Here at PDS, we take pride in highlighting some of our incredible solutions partners. We know these companies have the potential to revolutionize pharmacies just like yours through their products and services. We’re excited to introduce RxSafe; read on for their sponsored blog post about a new approach towards inventory management.

Inventory is typically the largest asset in a pharmacy. Bottles on the shelf and vials in the refrigerator represent real money, cash just sitting there. For that reason, keeping inventory at an optimal level—not too much, not too little—is one of the best ways to ensure that your investment is being managed in the most efficient manner. If you can reduce your inventory without affecting customer service, it can free up cash that can be used for other money generating activities.

Reaching the Benchmark

One measure of a pharmacy’s inventory efficiency is to track how often the business ‘turns’ its inventory. According to America’s Pharmacist, May 2016, twelve inventory turns per year is often the benchmark for a well-run pharmacy. Inventory turns can be calculated by dividing the total annual cost of goods by average inventory value. But, capturing a current, accurate snapshot of this information is a moving target due to constant price changes and the need for frequent cycle counting which is tedious and often neglected.

Consider the case of Paw Paw Pharmacy in Paw Paw, Michigan. In 2016 they had a $50,000 decrease in inventory levels which totaled $80,000 in savings and their inventory turns increased by 6+ turns per year. What happened? Perpetual inventory management with accurate, automatic cycle counting—made possible by installing an RxSafe 1800.

Imagine This

Imagine a future where, on a daily basis, you could capture cost information for every NDC in your pharmacy, and track it to each bottle. On top of that, you could have item-level forecasting and item-level tracking, including historical cost data available on demand, 24/7. How much could you reduce your on-hand inventory, improving inventory turns and free up excess cash without the burden of frequent cycle counting? Wouldn’t that be a level of inventory management unheard of in the industry?

Welcome to the World of RxCloud Analytics

The latest innovation in RxSafe’s line of pharmacy automation technology is RxCloud Analytics™. Powered by Datarithm, it provides pharmacy owners using the RxSafe 1800 system with 24/7 cloud-based analytics. With RxCloud Analytics, your pharmacy can spend time and money on something other than inventory management.

This type of item-level cost tracking provides extremely accurate cost of inventory, as well as granularity about inventory valuation, which has never been possible before. Some RxSafe customers are already taking advantage of the data made available by the RxSafe/Datarithm partnership.

At Chris’ Pharmacy and Gifts, an independent pharmacy in Maruepas, La., owner Chris Williams, RPh, says, “RxSafe’s solution has been very valuable, especially for multiple stores. The program’s non-usage report will effectively indicate what medications we should send to our other locations or what medications to return to the wholesaler — as opposed to letting the medications sit on the shelf just waiting to expire.”

“When we began this partnership, our goal was to combine Datarithm’s sophisticated inventory modeling with RxSafe’s proven automated perpetual inventory accuracy, to eliminate cycle-counting, free up cash, and allow pharmacies to focus on their core business,” said William Holmes, President & CEO at RxSafe. “With RxCloud Analytics, we’ve done just that. What’s more, the combination of these two technologies has created a game-changing model that improves service delivery and profitability in pharmacy.”

RxCloud Analytics is available exclusively to customers that have qualifying pharmacy management systems. Currently, that includes ComputerRx, PioneerRx, and Rx30, and will soon include Liberty.

RxCloud Analytics is included with the purchase of an RxSafe 1800. We will be happy to set up an in-person or online demonstration of the RxSafe 1800. You can also check out the details here for more information and to view video testimonials from independent pharmacy owners currently using the RxSafe 1800 in their retail stores.

About the Author:

RxSafe is the leader in automated, high-density robotic storage and retrieval technologies for independent pharmacies. Our flagship RxSafe system enables pharmacies to take control of their inventory management, enhance patient safety, increase narcotics security, and improve profitability. RxSafe’s RapidPakRx adherence packaging technology enables pharmacies to custom package patient medications on demand. RapidPakRx produces multi-med pouches with unprecedented throughput, accuracy, and efficiency, as well as the lowest consumables cost in the industry. For more information, visit www.rxsafe.com. To stay connected, follow RxSafe on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.


PDS Sponsored Content

NCPA & Arkansas Pharmacists Association Update

National Community Pharmacists Association

National Community Pharmacists AssociationOur friends at NCPA are making great progress in their never-ending efforts to advocate for the independent pharmacy industry.  In this newsletter from NCPA’s CEO, Doug Hoey, they are highlighting some great work done with the Arkansas Pharmacists Association (APA) in the battle against Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs). Great job, Arkansas!



Dear Colleague,

Sometimes it’s hard to believe your own eyes.

That had to be the reaction from many in the room at a press conference held by the Arkansas Pharmacists Association this week when they heard of a $484 difference between what a Caremark-administered plan paid a community pharmacy for a 30-day supply of aripiprazole versus what it paid itself!

For years, community pharmacists have suspected that chains, especially CVS/Caremark (since it is a price giver and a price taker as a PBM and drugstore chain), are reimbursed more for prescriptions than community pharmacies are. The example shared with Arkansas legislators, patients, and pharmacies this week was eye-popping even as it verified our suspicions, and mind-boggling for the legislators and patients in the room who, directly or indirectly, are paying that whopping difference.

The aripiprazole example wasn’t an outlier, either. Scott Pace, the APA Executive Vice-President, and CEO held up a folder with 270 more examples of self-dealing. On average, he said, those examples showed a difference of over $60 more per prescription being paid to CVS than was being paid to community pharmacies!

So far, there is no word from Caremark on these payment discrepancies. And, no word from other mega-PBMs so far suggesting that they don’t follow the same practices.

Arkansas has an active state association, very active pharmacist members, and has historically been very politically active, making sure to sustain relationships with their local legislators. Couple those strengths with the extreme payment cuts to local pharmacies and this new information about inflated payments to out-of-state competitors, and you have a firestorm.

Local news stations covered the press conference, and the entire event was posted on Facebook. The governor has called a special session, and Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge is investigating the low reimbursement rates:

“The change in reimbursement rates by the Pharmacy Benefit Managers has hurt Arkansans in every community across the state,” said Attorney General Rutledge. “Local pharmacists are critical members of Arkansas’s communities. Due to these changes, pharmacists are facing tough decisions because the reimbursements do not cover the actual cost of the medications. When public health is threatened, all Arkansans suffer.”

Even before these latest examples, evidence has been piling up indicating that PBMs are contributing to the increasing costs of prescription drugs rather than saving their customers (employers and local, state, and federal governments) money. I’ve written here about this issue a couple of times already this year (Jan. 19, “A Coincidence That May Not Be a Coincidence,” and Feb. 9, “Let the Sun Shine In”). These revelations coming out of Arkansas show a proverbial henhouse that is being raided rather than guarded.

The payment discrepancy information revealed at this week’s press conference will reverberate through many state houses. It looks to any reasonable person that local pharmacies are being forced to subsidize higher payments to CVS pharmacies. Couple that with solicitations from CVS to buy the same pharmacies they are reimbursing below the cost of the drug, and it paints an ugly picture that should be of great interest to federal and state legislators and regulators.

Arkansas isn’t the only state where pharmacies—at least community pharmacies—are seeing extreme cuts in prescription reimbursements and are responding with legislative action. In fact, almost every state has introduced PBM legislation this year. The new, specific information about the yawning gaps between payments to community pharmacies and to CVS should make those statehouse debates even more compelling.

Pharmacists in Arkansas have joined hands and raised their voices. If you have been quietly rooting your own state on, now is the time to stand up, take part, and open the eyes of your state officials.

Doug Hoey

Pharmacy Owners: You can join the conversation and connect with like-minded independent pharmacy owners in our industry only message board. Click and be a part of the elite knowledge-sharing culture that has become synonymous with Pharmacy Development Services.

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2018 is the Year of the Independent Pharmacy Owner

If you’re a pharmacy owner and you missed the 2018 PDS Super-Conference, you left vast opportunities to grow your pharmacy on the table. That is the truth, plain and simple.

There were over 2,000 in attendance including the most progressive owners and professionals in the independent pharmacy industry. All of them piqued and ready to engage in the knowledge-sharing culture that has become synonymous with Pharmacy Development Services. Let’s break down PDS 2018.

Who Attends PDS’ Premier Pharmacy Business Conference?

To sum it up, they are life-long learners. Registering for a conference is easy, showing up is the next step, but it doesn’t guarantee value for your investment. Pharmacy owners that leave with new business insight and a clear understanding of what needs to be done once back at the grindstone have a singular quality that makes the difference between being in attendance and being truly present and engaged.

In the words of our leadership keynote speaker; they are Learn-It-Alls.’ Our most engaged attendees and successful members understand that…

  • There is hope and opportunity to grow in the independent pharmacy industry. Owners get frustrated by challenges facing their pharmacies such as DIR fees, below-cost reimbursements, and PBM abuses. Through thoughtful and active participation, the learners quickly realize that there is a way to make those issues irrelevant. Opening up to a new way of thinking allowed them to leave the show understanding that opportunity is right around the corner (and ready for the taking) when they focus on the factors within their control.
  • They are not the smartest person in the room. As Dan Benamoz is fond of saying, if he thinks he is the smartest person in the room, he’s in the wrong room! The people who attend are the top-performing owners in pharmacy who continue to climb because they know that they discover more growth by learning from each other. The PDS Learners ask questions, try new things, and empower their teams. The result is a thriving culture with an inspired pharmacy team operating at the top of their pharmacy license.
  • There is no competition among independents. We have a culture within the PDS membership that no independent competes with another. The heart of our mission is the idea that we lift each other up to reach new heights of success. After all, the more we help others, the greater our success will be. This credo is palpable at the conference, with so many of our attendees connecting and fostering beneficial relationships with each other.

Who Was on the Stage at The PDS Super-Conference?

We’re just bursting at the seams with pride on the caliber of presentations that graced the big stage on all three days. We can’t go through all of them here, but check out some of the highlights of the show:

  • John Maxwell | #1 New York Times bestselling author, coach and world-renowned leadership expert treated us to the Five Levels of Leadership. He was a huge crowd-pleaser and captivated the audience with crucial leadership principles every pharmacy owner should understand as they aim to grow into a better leader.
  • J.R. Martinez | “We all grow up with goals for ourselves…but sometimes we can’t take the most direct path to our dreams.” J.R. Martinez talked about how to adapt and overcome anything that life throws your way with resiliency, determination, and a sense of humor.
  • Earvin “Magic” Johnson | Wow, his presentation was “magic!” The attendees were riveted by his presentation on “The Winning Way,” where he taught us how to build and empower high-performance teams that support the vision of their pharmacies.
  • Steve Gutzler | One of the nation’s top thought leaders on emotional intelligence, personal transformation, and leadership development. This interactive and engaging keynote walked our PDS learners through the ‘How-To’ of tapping into their full potential and performing at the top of their game under pressure.
  • Jeff Philipp and Josh McJilton | Unveiling PDS’ new version of proprietary software, RxAnalytcs, Jeff and Josh revealed our show-stopper on stage. This new software will enable PDS members to truly get behind their business analytics to discover the clear path to profitable scripts. But you’ll have to be a member to test drive!

Don’t Just Listen to Us

The reviews are in! We’ve been fortunate to have a flood of positive feedback about PDS2018. Instead of us going on about it; we’ll let them tell you what they thought:

“You get so much out of being there and taking time to focus on yourself and your business. It is also great for networking and meeting like-minded people within our industry and learning new growth opportunities.”

“It is a no brainer. My mistake is that I watched the free webinars for 5-6 years and didn’t join sooner. The cost scared me off for years. I didn’t think it could be ‘worth it.’ I was wrong. PDS helps your financials tremendously, but it changes your culture and your quality of life even more. As pharmacists, we all make a bunch of money no matter what. It isn’t about the money, it is about seeing the change in you, your staff, your patients and your family. Just do it. You will thank me later.”

“Every independent pharmacy owner is leaving money on the table, and I believe the programs PDS has in place addresses that. “

“Don’t wait around any longer and expect opportunity and success to trip and fall into your lap — get up, surround yourself with the best, and go find it.”

Special Edition Pharmacy Podcast featuring Highlights from PDS2018
Conference Guest Todd Eury, with Pharmacy Podcast, interviewed conference attendees and PDS Founder, Dan Benamoz, CEO, Jeff Phillip, and featured exhibitor Wellgistics.

  • Hear more about why Bill Henning, Pharmacist and Owner of Giant Genie Pharmacy continues to not only invest in the PDS Super-Conference but has also started bringing key staff to attend as well.
  • Cliff Holt of Hurricane Family Pharmacy has been attending for ten years, in spite of his initial plans to sign up for only one year. Once locked into PDS value, he realized that membership is a key investment he couldn’t afford NOT to make.
  • Learn about the goal that PDS has to become THE catalyst for independent industry growth and how we will leverage the extensive network of independents and industry exhibitors to make 2018 the best year for independent pharmacy.

Listen below:


Watch it For Yourself!

Now you don’t have to leave profitability, stronger leadership skills, and an upshift on culture on the table. You can still watch the 2018 PDS Super-Conference from the comfort of your own home. We have the Livestream available for those who wish to purchase at a special price… and you can watch it with your team! But hurry, access to the Livestream ends on March 31st.

Click here to purchase the PDS 2018 Livestream!

Here’s How Your Wholesaler Could Land You an Audit — Optum Users, We’re Looking at You

Download the FREE Buyer Beware eBook

We’ll be the first to admit that the cards are stacked against pharmacy owners. Pharmacies are faced with fees, clawbacks and dwindling reimbursements at every turn. It’s no wonder many are trying creative methods to squeeze extra profit from any source they can find in order to avoid shrinking margins. Your PBM could make matters far worse. Optum users, we’re looking at you. Read on to find out more.

The creative method we’re referring to is the practice of choosing smaller wholesalers in order to save a few bucks. Generally, this makes sense. You pay less for a drug on the wholesale level to increase margins on the retail side. But this is a slippery slope, especially if your wholesaler is not compliant.

What Does Compliance Have to Do With Profit?

For pharmacies that contract with Optum, everything.

If you’re reading this blog, you probably know that Optum is one of the “Big Three” PBMs responsible for 80% of all insurance claims. Starting April 1, 2018, Optum is requiring all wholesalers and suppliers to be VAWD Certified and if they’re not, the pharmacy dispensing the drug can expect audits, clawbacks and possibly even loss of the contract.

This is why it’s so imperative that you do not unsuspectingly fall into this hole while you’re chasing a marginal increase. Is a 2% bump worth an audit or a loss of contract?

What is a VAWD Certification Anyways?

VAWD stands for Verified-Accredited Wholesale Distributor.

This credential is in addition to the standard operating procedures that are required to get licensed in each individual state. In the United States, each state has their own set of guidelines required to become a wholesaler. What is required by one state, may not be in another and can cause potential misfires when doing business across state lines. The VAWD certification is important because in some states, it is very easy to get a wholesale license and the standards for where the drugs can be sourced from is more relaxed.

VAWD ensures that not only is the wholesaler meeting the qualifications and standards of their home state, but they’re also meeting the qualifications of all 50 states, the FDA, and more.

While this certification is raising the drug chain standards, stopping gray market drugs and is safer for the patients, it does create an extra layer of headaches for pharmacy owners.

Find Out More in Our Crucial Latest eBook

In our latest eBook, the Pharmacy Wholesaler Buyer Beware Guide we’ll show you what those extra layers of headaches look like for owners and how to ensure you’re properly protecting your pharmacy.

In this FREE eBook, you’ll also learn… 

  1. What it means to be VAWD certified
  2. How to identify wholesalers that could be harming your standing with Optum
  3. Why sourcing the cheapest drugs isn’t always worth the risk
  4. The 3 questions to ask your new and existing suppliers
  5. The impact reputable wholesalers can have on your bottom line and patients’ lives  (We’re talking $3,000 in additional profits per week!)

Download the eBook now and save yourself or a fellow pharmacy owner from the dreaded clawback, audit or lost contract.

Download the FREE Buyer Beware eBook

Launch Your Profitability the Right Way

Why make an extra 1–8% in profits and risk your Optum contract by saving pennies on a wholesaler, when you can earn thousands towards your bottom line by doing what the most successful pharmacies do?

Come see for yourself why we are so confident in our ability to change your life and improve the profitability of your pharmacy that we have a conference guarantee. If you don’t see the value of the PDS Super-Conference after the first day, we’ll reimburse your travel up to $500 and give you an additional $300 — no questions asked.

PDS Super-Conference

Still Not Convinced?

If attending a career-changing event is not for you at this time, you can join the discussion on topics just like this one, with other owners on PDSadvantage. It’s free to join and allows you to access the pharmacy owner forum and participate in these trending topics. Click here to create your free account on PDSadvantage,

[HACK] Improving Patient Care and Profitability With a Little-Known Strategy

Here at PDS, we take pride in highlighting some of our incredible solutions partners. We know these companies have the potential to revolutionize pharmacies just like yours through their products and services. We’re excited to introduce Liberty Software; read on for their sponsored blog post about the benefits improving patient care and profitability through strategic efficiency.

Independent pharmacy is no stranger to competition. The industry becomes tighter by the day and owners have to look for innovative ways to stay above the curve. We can all agree we’re in the business of helping others, but we also need to make a profit to stay in business.

One solution many owners ignore lies behind the pharmacy counter. Improving the workflows behind the pharmacy counter will drive your business into better productivity, better patient care, and better profitability.

Below, we’ve included five significant steps that you can take to improve your pharmacy’s workflows – in turn improving both the care you provide your patients and your profit margins.

  1. Examine the Status Quo.

    Examine the current state of your business. How are technicians and pharmacists operating now? Are there pain points or bottlenecks in existing workflows? Speaking with technicians and pharmacists who do the work every day is one of the best ways to identify areas for improvement.

  2. Establish Metrics.

    If you don’t measure where you are now, how will you measure whether changes are positively impacting your business? Scripts filled per hour is a good starting point. Consider using software to track data entry errors. Customize your metrics to your company’s unique practices and needs.

  3. Improve the Use of Space.

    You want to physically minimize the amount of movement involved in filling a script, as well as make sure technicians and pharmacists aren’t vying for the use of the same space at the same time. Small slowdowns can add up to big drops in productivity, so focusing on your most-used spaces and heavy-traffic areas, both for employees and customers, can make a big difference in your pharmacy’s productivity.

  4. Automate.

    Your employees need to be operating at the top of their licensed capabilities to provide the best service to your customers. Pharmacists shouldn’t have to spend time doing the work of technicians, and technicians don’t need to spend time on processes that could be automated. From automatic prescription processing to software that minimizes time spent on data entry, automating repetitive pharmacy workflow operations can have a measurable impact on your bottom line.

  5. Focus on Strategy.

    Strategic decision-making shouldn’t be limited to upper-management, back-office meetings. Get your staff on board with the company’s big-picture plan, and you’ll be aligning your entire operation around the same goals. Don’t hand down mandates – ask those in the trenches for their considerable expertise and input.

As you implement changes based on these steps, remember to periodically step back and measure the effects of those changes. Move slowly – don’t implement 20 new initiatives at once, or you’ll have a hard time determining what caused the changes you’ve measured. Deliberate, strategic moves in collaboration with your highly qualified staff will help your business maximize pharmacy workflow and profits in a challenging market.


About the Author:

Pharmacy software for pharmacy success. Liberty Software helps pharmacies improve profitability, increase patient safety, and enhance patient care. Here at Liberty, we believe that we have designed a revolutionary pharmacy management software platform. Why do we say that? It’s not just the technology, although it is built on Microsoft’s newest technology platform. It’s not just the feature list, although it is impressive. More than anything, we believe that it is the user experience. Prescriptions can be filled quickly and accurately while protecting patient safety. Many pharmacists say that it is the easiest software they have ever used.


[SMOKING GUN] You’re Right, PBMs are Duping Pharmacy Owners

PBMs Profits

What we’re about to show you will likely make your blood boil. It did ours. These are pictures you must see to affirm your sneaking suspicion that yes, you are in fact getting duped by PBMs, such as CVS Caremark.

The Proof

The images below were provided by a fellow pharmacy owner and were obtained during the process of filing a MAC appeal with the Medicaid HMO, Molina. Like many owners who bill to CVS Caremark, she noticed a consistent pattern of being underpaid on reimbursements. In response to the complaint, she received the following files which show the charges to Molina for the prescription, a stark contrast to what her pharmacy received.

Prescription Amount Submitted by Pharmacy Molina Paid Caremark Pharmacy Reimbursement PBM Spread
Guanfacine HCL ER 2 MG tablets ER 24H $320.00 $121.55 $7.60 $113.95
Neomycin-Polymixin-Hydrocor 3.5-10K-1 solution $106.00 $50.32 $5.40 $44.92


Images one and two show what Molina paid CVS Caremark for two prescriptions while images three and four show what the pharmacy was paid. This highlights the reality that pharmacies are regularly underpaid for prescriptions while the insurance plans are charged far more, and the PBM gets to keep a considerable spread of profits in their pocket.

We’ve also attached the documents for download here.

What This Means

There are approximately 22,000 independent pharmacies in the United States. If we looked at the Guanfacine prescription alone, the yearly payout to PBMs is $29,832,000 if the baseline assumption is that pharmacies nationwide fill this script once a month.

MAC list pricing by PBMs puts independent pharmacy owners at a considerable disadvantage. Adding insult to injury, the majority of the pharmacy owners on the PDSadvantage message board are in agreement that the appeals process is ineffective. A best-case scenario is periodic price adjustments depending on the appeal, which, in the long run, never affect changes in pricing for pharmacy owners as a whole. Overall, this process is designed to force busy owners to choose between below cost reimbursements or an endless cycle of appeals with little change in outcome. Many argue that the effort invested in submitting appeals isn’t worth it because the core of the problem isn’t addressed, and it takes up precious time that should be spent on growing the business, not in the pharmacy.

Fight Smarter, Not Harder

CVS Caremark and other Pharmacy Benefits Managment companies, such as the other 2 of the “Big 3,” OptumRx and Express Scripts, will continue to intentionally narrow the gap between reimbursement and acquisition cost while keeping the appeals process ineffective in the face of repeated price adjustments. This leaves independent pharmacies underwater. We at PDS don’t count ourselves among those who think fighting is futile. The answer is fighting smarter, not harder by making these issues and any other unfair regulations IRRELEVANT to how you operate your pharmacy business. Here and now, we can affect change that will make issues like unfair MAC pricing a blip on the radar. If we come together, our own collective and individual success will be exponentially greater than any threat the PBMs can sling. Filing appeals is a start, but alone it is not the answer. Informed pharmacy owners know that the focus should be on putting effort toward strategies that directly impact your bottom line.

Taking Matters into Our Own Hands, Together

There are over 1,800 pharmacy owners and professionals that know the value of fighting smarter with a proven plan, backed by a community that supports and stands with them. This gathering happens every February in Orlando, Florida.

Independent pharmacy owners just like you gather with the experts and titans of the industry to:

  • Give owners proven, sustainable strategies that will pay immediate dividends
  • Light the passion for pharmacy most owners lose in the landscape of this unfair game
  • Give you the confidence to battle MAC pricing, DIR fees, below-cost reimbursements and any other obstacle in your way – and win

Find your people. Fellow owners that are walking the same path as you. The value of this support and knowledge-sharing is priceless. If you’d like to continue to file appeals and disputes on your own, we commend you. At least you’re doing something and making your voice heard, but that is not your only recourse.

Attend the PDS Super-Conference and see for yourself why we are so confident in our ability to change your life that we have a conference guarantee.  If you don’t see the value of after the first day, we’ll reimburse your travel up to $500 and give you an additional $300 — no questions asked.

{PDS Sponsored Post} Blended Learning in Your Pharmacy: Why You Need to Pay Attention

Here at PDS, we take pride in highlighting some of our incredible solutions partners. We know these companies have the potential to revolutionize pharmacies just like yours through their products and services. We’re excited to introduce LP3 Network; read on for their sponsored blog post about the benefits of blended learning in your pharmacy.

At some point in our educational careers, we have all found ourselves thinking:

  • Is this really the most exciting way to learn something new?
  • Is this an efficient way to learn?

With advances in instructional design and the implementation of blended learning concepts, continuing professional development is being reshaped and revitalized, allowing people to obtain the training they require in an exciting and stimulating manner.

What is Blended Learning?

Blended learning is a newly successful practice that involves a hybrid of traditional and practical methodology.

The world of compounding encompasses both new and experienced pharmacists/technicians, all of whom need initial and ongoing training to safely compound personalized medications for their patients. Unfortunately, the specialized knowledge required to compound is not taught in most pharmacy programs. For those who wish to learn more about pharmacy compounding, there are now solutions available that do not require tedious and uninvolved classroom-like courses.

The most engaging and effective way to learn is through hands-on experience. Especially in a profession like pharmaceutical compounding, the skills needed to create quality preparations are most readily obtained through real-life observations and demonstrations. In laboratory trainings, participants get the chance to prepare different dosage forms and work with innovative equipment in a compliant environment.  Laboratory trainings are undoubtedly valuable; however, subject knowledge on the matter is vital as a prerequisite.

The optimal form of training is a combination of theoretical and practical methods — blending the two.

Using self-paced learning with an interactive live course, success and retention are optimized. Providing both the background knowledge and hands-on experience enables participants to successfully compound in their own pharmacy. This unique form of blended learning ensures that participants are fully briefed with the specific knowledge required prior to hands-on activities in a lab.

This hybrid teaching method is undoubtedly the ideal way to learn best practices and enhance competency retention, as it allows participants to absorb the material at their own pace through home studying, followed by training with subject-matter experts in a state-of-the-art compounding laboratory.

Next time you’re in the market to truly train your team or yourself on invaluable strategies that will grow your pharmacy, look out for ways to make learning fun and practical. You will not regret it! The ability to incorporate the wisdom gained through live event courses into a pharmacist’s everyday practice is invaluable. But more importantly, a hybrid learning experience brings excitement back into the curious minds of pharmacists.

About the Author:

To learn more about LP3 Network’s course offerings contact us by email: info@lp3network.com or view our online course catalogue: https://education.lp3network.com/

At LP3 Network, the educational process is reinvented in engaging ways. With a vast spectrum of courses to choose from, participants can learn all the things they need to lead a successful compounding career. The style of courses vary to suit every person’s individual needs from:

  • Home studies
  • Webinars
  • eLearning
  • Live events (seminars and laboratory trainings)

Our courses allow pharmacists and pharmacy technicians  to reinforce their theoretical knowledge and provide compounding pharmacists with concrete training that they can use in their everyday profession. This blended approach allows participants to choose when and where they want to learn more about compounding. With busy agendas, it is often difficult for participants to follow a rigorous course schedule. There are now many options for participants, affording them the opportunity to study at their own pace, and choose the learning methods that suit them best.


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Many owners will read this and walk away. We get it, no one likes to change unless their life depends on it. For those who are willing to jump in and get their feet wet, we’re talking to you.

At the PDS Super-Conference, we’re pulling out all the stops to make every single moment a teachable one. Learn more about how to drive growth, build a productive culture and increase profitability among the most elite pharmacy owners in the country. Come see for yourself why we are so confident in our ability to change your life and improve the profitability of your pharmacy that we have a conference guarantee. If you don’t see the value of the PDS Super-Conference after the first day, we’ll reimburse your travel up to $500 and give you an additional $300 — no questions asked.

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