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““Dan asked me how many hours I was working a week, and he said to me, ‘you didn’t buy a business, you bought a job.’ That’s when I came to the realization that the same reason I wasn’t going to join PDS was the reason I needed to join PDS. I needed to create more time for myself.”


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  • Leap of Faith

    The positive changes started right off the bat. At the conference, Andrew had heard about other owners making $200 to $300 per script, a concept that he thought too good to be true. “I thought I knew which drugs did and didn’t pay well,” he said. Ultimately, he learned he just wasn’t implementing a real data analyzing strategy, but with PDS’ guidance he was able to start seeing profitable results immediately with RxAnalytics. “You see a lot of money loss on these scripts. Then seeing a script where you’re making hundreds of dollars, it re-motivates you. We can stay in business. We can be profitable.”

  • You Don’t Have To Do It Yourself

    Andrew wanted to open another store. Being as busy as he already was, he just didn’t think it was possible, especially if he had to do it all. He spoke with his PDS Performance Specialist, Michelle, and she turned his thinking around. She encouraged Andrew to think about how he could delegate better, ultimately leading him to put the Pain Protocol program in the hands of one of his technicians. Not only did it succeed in freeing up Andrew’s time, but it empowered his staff member, whose enthusiasm paid off both financially and in peace of mind. Overall, the impact has been huge. This year, Andrew has taken more time off than he’s ever been able to before. By leading more effectively, his business has gotten to the point where he can leave the store without getting phone calls and putting out fires. In his words, “It’s been really cool.”

Why I love PDS

There’s been an increase in script count, but it’s more about finding the right kind of prescriptions.

I used to think, ‘how much longer do I have to do this?’ Every Sunday night it felt like the impending doom of another week, says Andrew of his work-life balance before PDS.

The truth is, the membership investment can feel like a lot of money. You have to take the leap, and go in with both feet. PDS can make your money back, but you can’t just dance around. Use your PDS team, they’re going to help get you back your time.

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