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Clinical Services Profit Ignitor

Program Description

Develop your pharmacy’s Clinical Services and Clinical Pharmacists
by integrating your Clinical Pharmacist(s) into physician offices,
you can generate additional revenue from the visits alone, plus
offer upsolutions, and drive new business to the pharmacy. This
2 day live training will give you all the tools and resources you
need to begin operating in a doctor’s office right away.

Top Benefits
  • Understanding the opportunities
  • Learn how to work with your physician
  • Position your pharmacy as pharmacist provider care
  • Learn how to get started with annual wellness visits
  • Uncover various, profitable billing codes and how to execute
  • Leave with an action plan to achieve results
Clinical Services Ignitor

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Financial Impact

Financial Impact

Results for 10 AWV a day for 2 days a week for 50 weeks a year, this will result in $175,000 in revenue annually

Additional profits are available from data mining, MTMs, therapeutic changes or other additional prescriptions, these upsolutions can total approximately $200,000

Results for 20 chronic care management patients a week for 50 weeks will result in an additional $46,000 in revenue