COVID Optimization Program

Community Need: Testing and Immunizations

We are here to help you streamline processes and minimize disruptions as you help your patients through this pandemic.

Get the Solutions Your Pharmacy Needs

We understand the chaos that your pharmacy is experiencing and the pressure that you feel to help, even though you may not know where to start. We hear you and we are providing forward thinking solutions to help your pharmacy and your patients.

1. Download the COVID Optimization Program Sheet

Discover how PDS can help you with these challenges and more. Whether you are testing, immunizing, or trying to figure out your next step, we have the resources and expertise to guide you.

2. Learn More From the PDS Team

The PDS team is uniquely positioned to help you navigate these challenging times. Hear how the COVID Optimization Program translates to actionable strategies you can implement now.


What We’re Hearing…

  • Getting started is difficult and sourcing can be overwhelming.

  • Delivering COVID testing and immunization programs creates chaos in the pharmacy.

  • We are seeing a lot of new people for testing and vaccinations, but very few stay with the pharmacy as new patients.

  • I want to understand what the short- and long-term ROI is.

COVID Program