Customer Service Guru

Program Description

This course is perfect for all of your employees regardless of position. This is a webinar based training that is offered several times a year. Your employees will attend weekly for 6 weeks. Increase all of your employees’ basic customer service skills that is specific to excel in a pharmacy. One of the best ways to develop a competitive advantage is to have a well trained staff. Beat your competitors with high performing employees and a better culture.

Top Benefits
  • Explore the attitudes and motivators that drive behavior, and learn how to become a client advocate
  • Practice focusing on the “total message” with effective listening, responses and pacing skills
  • Customer skills to manage various forms of communication establish positive relationships
  • Manage customer complaints and build customer loyalty through exceptional customer care
  • Up-Solutioning: Uncover the needs and wants of the customer while increasing the company’s bottom line
Customer Service Guru

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Financial Impact

Financial Impact

With greater trust between you and your staff your patients will benefit from better customer service.

Free yourself from the worry of the day to day grind and be the strategic owner you want to be

Value of personal development is invaluable