Three Fast Facts You Need to Know About DIR Fees

DIR fees are par for the course in your pharmacy.

Their lack of transparency is frustrating when you want to grow your business but are constantly hit with clawbacks. The problem gets even more complicated when you’re uncertain about how the fees are assessed and how you can influence them.

What are the different types of fees? How are they calculated? Can you do anything to mitigate them?

Download the free DIR Fee Fact Sheet to discover the answers to all these questions, plus find out what’s at stake if you allow these declining reimbursements to beat your pharmacy down.

Learn how to reduce the impact of DIR fees in your business so you can make them irrelevant to your profitability.

Here are the key takeaways from downloading the DIR Fees Fact Sheet:

  • Learn what DIR fees are, what metrics affect them
  • Find out what’s at stake if you don’t improve your quality metrics
  • Make a plan to mitigate DIR fees and insulate your business from declining reimbursements

You’re not helpless against PBMs. In fact, you have more control than the industry wants you to know. Once you download the fact sheet and learn for yourself what’s possible, the opportunities will seem endless.

How You Can Help With DIR Fee Reform

Sick and tired of DIR fees? Make waves! Our friends over at NCPA have created a list of ways you can help get DIR reform moving in Congress:

  • Send letters to your members of Congress urging them to support the Phair Pricing Act to address pharmacy DIR fees.
  • If you are represented by a member of the Senate Finance Committee send them a letter urging them to sign onto a bipartisan letter to the current administration.
  • Submit a letter to the editor of your local newspaper and post it on your personal or pharmacy Facebook pages.
  • Get vocal across your social platforms and share your opinions! Make sure to use the hashtag #FixDIR

“Pharmacy is the best it’s ever been, but you must let go of how you used to do it. This avalanche of change is happening and if you’re not careful, you’ll get sucked into it instead of riding the top of the avalanche where the view is incredible.”

Let us Help you Reduce the Impact of DIR Fees to Your Pharmacy

DIR fees are confusing and the industry doesn’t make it easy to find solutions that work to make PBMs irrelevant. Pharmacy Development Services is the only community that actively researches, finds, builds and applies resources that will help you survive today’s pharmacy landscape. Imagine if you could reduce the barriers to providing quality patient care and grow your business. PDS can help you do that. Call us at (800) 987-7386 or click the button to get started.