Pharmacy Health Care Cost Reduction Case Study

ECCHIC Helps PDS Member Save $63,000 In the First Year!

ECCHIC, Employers Committed to Control Health Insurance Costs, a PDS Industry Partner, has been helping employers cut out the PBM to reduce costs, improve the level of care and keep businesses profitable all across the country.

Mike Palmer, pharmacy owner and PDS member, engaged with ECCHIC to see how they could help an owner like him. With 25 employees, ECCHIC helped Mike save $63,000 in the first year alone!

How Much Does Mike Save In Year Two?
In this 20 minute webinar, Mike will take you through his journey with ECCHIC and explain how his savings have continued to multiply each and every year.

**Spoiler Alert** His savings in year two was 6-figures.

Ready to see what you can save?

Visit ECCHIC’s website HERE or call them at 800-280-0010.

ECCHIC will help you:

  • Keep the same level of benefits
  • Build up a cash surplus
  • Reduce your monthly costs for providing health insurance for employees
  • Unhindered access to doctors of your choice
  • Get the advantages that large companies get

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