Effective Supervision for Team Management

Program Description

This is a series of trainings to develop either yourself
or a key employee into being an effective supervisor.
This training is perfect for supervisors, lead technicians
and employees who show management potential. It
provides supervisory skills necessary for overseeing staff.
Each session of this training is a 2 day live training.
The sessions can be taken together for maximum benefit
and can be taken as stand alone courses as well.

Top Benefits
  • Essential for someone looking to remove themselves from the day to day pharmacy operations
  • Develop an effective management staff
  • Participants leave with sense of confidence and skill sets
  • Free-up more time for owners to run the business
  • Learn how to coach and develop your team
  • Leave with ready to documents and strategies to improve your business immediately
Effective Supervision for Team Management

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Financial Impact

Financial Impact

Spend more time on developing strategic and profitable programs for your pharmacy rather than time consuming management tasks

Effectively use and increase satisfaction of your key employees by empowering them with tools and training

Improve your culture which has been shown to positively impact sales and profits