ESI / Tricare Audits

A number of independent pharmacies have received a recoupment notice from Express Scripts (ESI) advising them that recoupment actions have been initiated on compounded prescriptions for Tricare / CHAMPUS beneficiaries at the request of the Defense Health Agency’s Office of Program Integrity.

PDS Industry Alert Webinar

ESI / Tricare Audits

Pharmacies that have received a notice of recoupment from ESI must act quickly. PDS hosted a webinar with legal and consulting experts to help you understand where the audits are coming from, which prescriptions are impacted, and what this could mean for you. Request access to the webinar to learn more.

Due to the legal nature of this webinar, we need to collect your pharmacy information and once we validate it, we will email you a link to the webinar. Thank you for your patience!

Request Access to the PDS Industry Alert Webinar: ESI / Tricare Audits

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