[WATCH] Master Pharmacy and Business School in 3 Days… and Launch Profitability

Here’s a truth: Pharmacy schools across the nation let young graduates loose into the world with a shiny degree, but woefully inadequate business skills.

For those pharmacists who seek to become owners themselves, these same lack of skills become painfully apparent when faced with the process of starting or buying a pharmacy then operating to maintain the processes, sustain growth, increase profits and deliver better patient outcomes.

If you’re at all concerned with decreased margins, DIR fees, clawbacks and the unfair game that is pharmacy ownership, you cannot afford to miss this event.

Ask yourself: ‘Do you want to be busier or more profitable?’A busy pharmacy is not the same as a profitable one. A busier pharmacy is the old way (and the dangerous way!) of thinking. For example, why would you want to fill 100 prescriptions at a $10 profit margin, when you can fill 2 prescriptions and make $500? Busy is not profitable, and that mindframe will sink the ship.

We’re not just saying these things to bemoan the way pharmacies run their business. We’re saying this because we have found the new way to run your pharmacy so that it doesn’t run you. And it works.

If you’re still on the fence about coming in February, listen to what attendees are saying.

And here’s more:

“It’s opened my eyes to the possibilities that currently lie within my own business.”

“I’ve saved over $300,000 from ideas received at the PDS Super-Conference.”

“PDS doesn’t give you a fish, but they give you the rod, the line, the bait, show you where to go and TEACH you how to fish. It’s business school for pharmacists.”

Watch a special message below from Dan Benamoz, RPh, Founder and CEO of Pharmacy Development Services as he introduces to you a new way of thinking about profitability at the PDS Super-Conference.

The PDS Super-Conference is the pharmacy event of the year that is guaranteed to change the way you run your business. This is the most important pharmacy conference you will attend. Period.

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