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Hear how Uptown Drug improved their financial literacy and are making more informed business decisions.

Financial Insights Make a Difference at Uptown Drug

  • The Problem

    Uptown Drug was struggling to make decisions without real insight into their financials.

  • The Fallout

    The pharmacy didn’t have a clear view of where they stood financially, and often felt like they were making decisions blindly. They needed to make critical staffing decisions but didn’t have the data to move forward.

  • Solutions + Outcomes

    Owner, Chris Proffit, worked with his PDS team to improve his financial literacy by working through the KPI worksheet with his coach, and gaining a better understanding of cash flow and P&Ls. By applying what he learned to daily business decisions and improving the accuracy of his financial data, he was able to improve his business and make critical staffing decisions.  These decisions reduced the overall expense ratio and brought it in line with the recommended benchmark of under 19%.

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Do You Know Where Your Pharmacy Stands?

Not paying close enough attention to your financials (or not truly understanding them) is an issue that many pharmacy owners face. With up-to-date and accurate financials, you can make better and more informed decisions about your pharmacy. Get the financial clarity you deserve and start meeting your financial benchmarks.

“Having a relationship with PDS is like having a business partner, without all of the hassles.”

-Chris Proffit, Uptown Drug

Top Benchmarks For Retail Pharmacies

We Can Help You Calculate Yours

  • More Than 16

    Inventory Turns

  • 20+ Percent

    Rx Margin Percent

    20+ Percent

  • Less Than 13.6 Percent

    Payroll Expense

  • $16+

    Profit Per Script


  • 2.5 or More

    Current Ratio

  • More Than 15 Days

    Days of Cash on Hand

    More Than 15 Days

  • 5+ Percent

    Net Operating Margin

  • 24+ Percent

    Gross Margin Percent

    24+ Percent

  • Less Than 19 Percent

    Total Expense Ratio