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Future-Proof Your Pharmacy Webinar Series

PDS is hosting a five-part webinar series focused on improving YOUR pharmacy and YOUR performance. Join us to discover the most impactful areas of your business, the KPIs you can use to improve your performance, and how to develop a plan of action to implement real solutions. 

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Transforming Her Team Transformed Her Pharmacy


Part 2: Team

When your team is empowered and motivated, your business automatically gains a competitive advantage.  This webinar explores the first quadrant of the Pharmacy Performance Framework, TEAM

Take a deep dive into the impact your team has on your pharmacy and how small changes can make a big difference. We discuss three KPIs that you should be benchmarking and teach you how to start assessing each one so that you can identify opportunities to make improvements. 

  • High Performance Culture 
  • Team Engagement 
  • Community Engagement 

Mark your calendars for the series. You can register for all sessions or just the topics that interest you. We’ll dive into each focus area and talk about the KPIs you need to evaluate to future-proof your pharmacy. 

The Pharmacy Webinar Series helps independent pharmacy owners gain insights and education that they can use to grow their business and innovate in their pharmacies. Discover topics that are important to you, on your time.

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Shannon Shulz PDS

Shannon Schulz

Managing Business Coach
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