Pharmacy Performance Framework

Future-Proof Your Pharmacy Webinar Series

This five-part webinar series focuses on improving YOUR pharmacy and YOUR performance. Watch now to discover the most impactful areas of your business, the KPIs you can use to improve your performance, and how to develop a plan of action to implement real solutions. 


Budgeting Hacks:

Make Your Life Easier and Your Pharmacy More Profitable

Understanding your FINANCES, will give you the clarity you need to make smarter and more informed decisions for your pharmacy.

If you’re not planning and tracking your finances, you’re missing out on opportunities to reduce costs and invest in your pharmacy’s growth.

  • Get budgeting hacks to save time and improve cash flow (using a budget doesn’t have to be hard!).
  • Learn about various budgeting methods and figure out what works for YOU.
  • Discover how a budget can help you plan strategically and identify opportunities.

Each session in this series dives into a particular focus area and talks about the KPIs you need to evaluate to futureproof your pharmacy. 

The Pharmacy Webinar Series helps independent pharmacy owners gain insights and education that they can use to grow their business and innovate in their pharmacies. Discover topics that are important to you, on your time.

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Dr. Lisa Faast

Vice President, PDS
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