WEBINAR: Grow Profits and New Patients With Adherence Packaging

Most likely, when you hear adherence packaging, you don’t immediately think of expanded business opportunities or next-level marketing for your pharmacy.

Yet this is exactly what the new adherence strip packaging system from RxSafe called RapidPakRx™ will do. In our on-demand webinar, you’ll get an in-depth demo of how RapidPakRx™ works within a retail pharmacy workflow.

​On this webinar, you’ll learn how this system will:

  • Take you through a prescription workflow without added steps for your technician to make.
  • Perform automated, sensitive, and accurate inspections of every medication that travels through the system, effectively increasing efficiency in your pharmacy operation.
  • ​Accommodate different medications and med-passes with a one-of-a-kind packaging.
  • ​Reduce patient confusion that will improve adherence.
  • Increase traffic to your store and improve profitability.
  • ​Provide​ top-to-bottom digital and print marketing tactics included in the system.

​PDS has chosen to partner with RxSafe and RapidPakRx™ because they provide pharmacy owners with a direct way to increase profitability​, efficiency and ​grow their patient base. ​Similar RapidPakRx™ customers have increased their revenue in 12 months by 24%​.

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Learn More About What RapidPakRx™ Could Mean For You

Live Q&A After the Webinar

Listen until the end because the demo is followed by a highly engaging LIVE Q&A  with Bill Holmes, CEO of RxSafe. This Q&A is jam-packed with attendee questions who have found tremendous value in the system and the benefits it brings to their pharmacies. This webinar is a *must-see* for anyone who did not get a demo at the PDS Super-Conference, or McKesson customers.

​​​​Ready to learn more about RapidPakRx™?

​Call (877) 960-3236 or visit www.rxsafe.com/pds
PDS members save $10,000!

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