Grow Your Business at the Most Relevant Pharmacy Conference of the Year

Every February for the last 15 years, pharmacy owners around the nation get their travel plans in order and prepare to make the pilgrimage to Orlando, Florida for the most relevant pharmacy conference of the year.

Attendees travel to the PDS Super-Conference for varying reasons:

  • They want to see their business grow faster.
  • They’re sick and tired of DIR fees and lower reimbursements.
  • They simply don’t know what to do or where to go next.

Whatever their reasons, our attendees come looking for solutions, and over the course of three days in Orlando, they get them, from exhibitors, speakers, and the PDS Team. This is why the PDS Super-Conference has garnered the reputation for providing pharmacy owners with solid, valuable, and often unimaginably successful growth for their pharmacy business.

​Pharmacy Owners With Purpose

​​Don't just take our word for it. Watch the short videos below to see two pharmacy owners speak to the value they receive from attending and the message they give to all thinking of joining us this ​year.

[WATCH] ​​Cliff Holt, Hurricane Family Pharmacy

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[WATCH] Josh Rimany, Dilworth Drug

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​Join Us at the 2020 PDS Super-Conference!

​Grab your seats and join us for ​our next event on February 27-29, 2020. Join us in Orlando, Florida for an immersive 3-days where you’ll get to interact with 1,600+ of the smartest pharmacies in the nation and the best experts in business. This is the event that will change your pharmacy. It is exactly the right content at exactly the right time your pharmacy needs it the most.

Click here​ to register ​and save on early pricing.

Koreen Leavitt