Real, Proven Paths to Substantial Growth for Independent Pharmacists

You’ve been told for a long time that meaningful growth for independent pharmacies is tough to achieve, but when we look at the landscape of the industry today, we see opportunity, just like you.

PDS works with thousands of businesses like yours and has proven that growth is possible. We want to show you how.

PDS only works with independent
pharmacies. Our programs are
hyper-focused on meaningful growth.

You’ll get:

  1. A customized plan based on the goals you set for your business,
    made up of proven programs.
  2. Real experts and the right resources to guide you through your program.
  3. A network of peers who have been where you are and support you as you grow.

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A PDS membership delivers
real ROI and so much more.


PDS believes that great care is paramount and growth is essential. Together, we’ll increase profitability without sacrificing your duty of care to your patients and team.


Members have a roadmap that helps them know what to focus on next. In a world full of things you could do, you’ll have the clarity to know what you should do, instead.


Best of all, PDS programs are proven to work. Engage confidently, knowing that we’ve helped so many before you achieve real growth.

Our programs achieve results by focusing on four key areas.

Independent Pharmacies Thrive with PDS.


PDS helps members identify opportunities to optimize their profits, even while providing greater care to customers. It’s about getting more from what you’re already doing and then expanding into new opportunities.


We start by looking at where you want to be, then make a plan to get you there. Every strategy, program and effort is made with your future in mind, first.


To grow the way you know you can, it takes the right people around you. Offer your team opportunities for professional growth so they can help you achieve results that are good for everyone.


We help you streamline the things holding you back, achieving bottom-line results without sacrificing top-line opportunities.

Let’s talk about growth strategies that work.

Does it really work? The results say it all…


J&R Pharmacy: 3rd Generation Pharmacy Owner Launches New Era of Business

J&R Pharmacy has been a family-owned business that served the community in Benton, Ky., for nearly six decades. It wasn’t until the founder’s grandson, Blake Wiseman, joined PDS that it experienced an unexpected shift in its business model. The organization inspired Blake to open two more locations in 2019. He says he couldn’t have done it without PDS’ guidance.

Doubling up on Profitability

With the strategies Blake learned through PDS, the pharmacy’s margins per prescription increased significantly. “One thing that PDS really helped with was being able to decrease our stress level with new strategies and gave us a new outlook on how to run a business,” Blake says. With added profits, Blake created a bonus structure recommended by PDS to empower and incentivize employees. While they gained those critical insights, Blake says, it still required a lot of work. “Between the teamwork and the analytics, everyone needed to get involved.”

“Before joining, opening more stores never crossed my mind. PDS opened our minds around how to seek more opportunities and increase our profitability.”

More than 50x

ROI in 2018

PDS Strategies Implemented

Therapeutic Optimization

We‘ve helped thousands of pharmacies. Now, it’s your turn.