Mitigate DIR Fees and Grow Your Business

To grow you need to resolve the issues that are stunting your progress. While you can’t get rid of DIR fees, you can mitigate them. See how PDS members are lowering fees and increasing profits.

Resources You Can Use

DIR Fees Fact Sheet

Get the facts. Before you can mitigate DIR fees, you have to understand them. Discover the metrics that impact DIR fees, how you can improve your performance.

Five Steps to Mitigate DIR Fees

Hear from PDS pharmacy expert, Marci Strauss, about five key steps your pharmacy can take to lower DIR fees and add to your bottom line.


This is What Success Looks Like.

Whitings Pharmacy in NJ is combating DIR fees and winning, despite the fact that their clientele is 99% Medicare Part D.

  • Developed a true knowledge of PBMs and how they charge for DIR fees
  • Built a team that understands DIR fees and the importance of keeping them under control
  • Maintains EQuIPP scores within the top five percent and  DIR fees as low as possible

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