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Diversification is the strategy your pharmacy needs to thrive in the face of PBMs. Increasing non-prescription revenue by as little as 5% can mean tens of thousands of dollars in additional profit that PBMs can’t touch. See how PDS members are diversifying and increasing their bottom line.

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Top 10 Ways to Start Diversifying and Improving Profitability

Relying on dispensing as your primary source of revenue is a high-risk strategy. You need to take control and take your pharmacy beyond dispensing. On average, pharmacy owners have over 90% of their revenue tied to PBMs, but small changes to this percentage can make a big difference to your bottom line.

The first step to change the way you play the game is by implementing pharmacy services and solutions that diversify your revenue streams.

1. Pharmacogenetic Testing6. Long Term Care Prescriptions
2. Weight Loss Coaching7. Worker’s Compensation Prescriptions
3. Allergy Testing8. Prior Authorization Approvals
4. CBD Sales9. Increase OTC Sales
5. Point of Care Testing10. Direct Employer Contracting

Check out the new Diversification Worksheet. It will help you take these strategies from paper to actionable items that will increase your profitability.

This is What Success Looks Like.

From insane growth in CBD sales to a veterinarian on staff, Sweetgrass Pharmacy in South Carolina is growing through diversification.

Hear owner, Cynthia Feldman, tell her story from the PDS 2020 stage.

  • Produced over $30k a month is CBD sales in first year
  • Increased Rx Count by 1,000 and moved Gross Margin/Rx from $15/$16 to $27/$30
  • Averaging 1,200 – 1,300 compounds a month

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