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“I’ve never had any doubt in the investment, but a shift of thinking finally hit me – that there’s a lot more to it here. I personally need to be the one thinking differently.”


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  • Breaking The Mold Of The Industry

    According to the Hitchcocks, PDS helps keep the duo focused on the goals that they establish for their pharmacy, and accountable on the tasks necessary to reach those goals. But what differentiates PDS from other organizations is the open sharing of ideas amongst the community to find new solutions. “We love the fact that our PDS Coach and Performance Specialist share phone numbers with other members who have had success so we can all collectively succeed. We’re all in this together,” shared Neil.

  • Changing The Pharmacy’s Culture

    While there is a definite need to highlight their monetary successes, the Hitchcocks feel one of the biggest gains from working with PDS has been the uplift in employee morale and overall improvements in the company culture. The previous owner of the Hitchcock’s pharmacy was an absentee owner who was very hands-off. So there was a lot of negativity and status quo when Neil and Brook arrived. A lot of cleanup was needed. Neil and Brook committed to improving the culture along with finding new business opportunities. Brook praised PDS for helping their business with the intangibles, such as human resource issues and defining a workplace culture.

Why I love PDS

It is such a nice network where people share information. As they learn things, they share with us, and as we learn things, we share with them. It’s a really productive setting.

We truly attribute our success to having job descriptions and checklists in place, hosting a monthly staff meeting, doing team challenges and games, and showing employees that we are keeping track. These are all things PDS told us to do that we would not have thought of before.

We would not have had financial success if we didn’t focus on these intangibles.

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