How to Hire the Best and Brightest Pharmacy Employees


How to Hire the Best and Brightest Pharmacy EmployeesWhether you’re talking about your pharmacy store, a lawn care service or a Fortune 500 company—it’s important that you have quality employees to help sail the ship to the land of success. Finding the right employees can be a stressful task, and much more difficult than most people think. There are more details to consider than whether someone is qualified for the job and where they went to school.

Hiring an employee is more than just finding a person to do a job, it’s an investment that must provide a return. You’ll lose that investment if you have a high turnover rate. The cost of finding, interviewing, engaging and training new employees is high. Employees require computers, desks, phones, and other equipment to do their job, let alone the  tremendous costs of being an employer—payroll, benefits, and taxes.

To hire the right person you need to look past a candidate’s resume and cover letter and dig a little deeper to find out more about who they are. Yes, they must have the skills it takes to effectively do their jobs, but they also need to fit in with your pharmacy’s culture and values. That stack of resumes is like a box of puzzles pieces, and you only need one piece to fit with the rest.

So, how do you go about finding the right puzzle pieces to fit your pharmacy team? The following hiring strategies will help you find the perfect person to help grow your pharmacy business.

Clearly State The Position

First and foremost you want to make sure you’re clear about the job requirements and the skills needed to perform it. Clearly list what’s required of the candidate, so they will understand if their skills and experience are a good fit for your organization. Then design interview questions based on your expectations.

Test Before Hiring

Interview questions can reveal a lot about a candidate’s skills and experience, but to see if a person is really a great fit for the position and your pharmacy, we recommend conducting a simple assessment. The Winslow Assessment is a great tool that many independent pharmacists have utilized for years. This 20-minute test offers the most comprehensive evaluation of a candidate’s personal attitudes, ability to adapt to challenges in the work environment, emotional intelligence and potential for being a team player.

Assess Personality For The Position

Within your pharmacy, different roles are tied to different skill sets and strengths, which are often tied to personality types. Although it’s often overlooked, a person’s personality type is an important factor to consider when filling positions. Not everyone has the personality to be an effective pharmacy manager or a friendly cashier. Before making a new hire, think about whether or not an individual’s personality would be a good fit for that position. A talkative, outgoing person may be a great addition to your sales team, but they may not enjoy being a bookkeeper who spends most of their time alone. Even though someone may seem like a good fit for your pharmacy, they may not be a good fit for the position you have open. It’s important to make sure that the employee you hire is appropriate for the job with the right attitude and personality traits.

Engage Your Team

A great way to see if a candidate is going to fit your culture is to involve the rest of your pharmacy team in the hiring process. Introduce the candidate to your team members and see how he or she interacts. Ask your team for direct feedback and if they think the candidate would make a good addition to the team. Of course, the ultimate decision is yours but your team’s  input will be helpful in choosing the perfect match for your store.

Check Social Media Profiles

You can learn so much about a person by looking at their social media profiles or doing a quick Google search. If you want to find out more about your candidate, take a quick glance at their Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube profiles. How a person behaves on social media can be a good indication of how they will fit with your team.

In closing, all of these hiring tips can play a critical role when it comes to finding the right person to join your company. Finding the right person can take some time but it’s important to be patient. The biggest mistake you can make is to hire quickly and to fire fast: take your time looking for the right candidate who is more likely to stay and enjoy being a part of your team, as opposed to onboarding someone who quits unexpectedly and costs you a lot of money.

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