Run Your Business as Well as You Run Your Pharmacy

Independent pharmacists like you provide the highest quality care, a full-time job on its own. It’s no wonder that so many owners feel overwhelmed by the demands of also running a business.

PDS was created exclusively to help independent pharmacies run healthier businesses through better operations and more effective teams.

PDS knows how to create wins in the pharmacy business and our members see returns year after year.

With PDS, you can take back your time, and run a business that isn’t running you.

You’ll get:

  1. A customized plan based on the goals you set for your business,
    made up of proven programs.
  2. Real experts and the right resources to guide you through your program.
  3. A network of peers that can support you as you grow.

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PDS members know that membership gives them just the right support.


You know great care, because you deliver it every day. We know great care is the only way for independent pharmacies to thrive and we’ll help you get even better.


Stop wondering what’s around the corner and know what to work on next. Our experts will guide you to operational efficiencies that create meaningful change.


Start every day feeling in control. When you’re confident in your business, it makes the hours in between a lot more plentiful and a lot more enjoyable.

Imagine if being a great pharmacist was your only job, again.

Independent Pharmacies Thrive with PDS.


Our financial tools make sure you’re maximizing your potential without sacrificing care. A healthy business has a healthy bottom line, and we’ll help you ensure your financial security.


You and your Business Coach will work together to make certain that everything we do is with an eye to the future. Whatever your personal goals, we know how to help you get there.


Get everyone on board with programs that offer professional growth. Turn your team into an asset that helps you get ahead instead of keeping you from falling behind.


Once we understand your opportunities for improvement, we will apply the right training to get your operation running smoothly. You’ll start feeling the efficiencies within weeks, not years.

Give us just 15 minutes and we’ll show you why PDS is the right move for you.

Does it really work? The results say it all…


Idel Pharmacy: Big-Picture Clarity Leads to Less Stress, More Profits

Through his PDS Business Coach, Mike, Illan started to see the big picture. “He taught me to look at what I was going to be doing and where I want to be, not just standing in the middle of a tornado,” he says. He used SmartDispense to identify and maximize opportunities to bring in more profits. As a result, he was able to use those profits to hire another pharmacist — a move that freed him up to focus on strategies to grow his business. He now only works the bench one day a week and has never felt better. “If you’re filling the prescriptions and trying to run a pharmacy with all the complexity and compliance, it feels like bees in your brain. It’s not that way anymore. I have time to tackle each problem,” he says.

Leaving Behind the 60-hour Work Weeks

PDS also paved the way for Illan to enjoy more quality time with his family. After opening his pharmacy in 1981, he experienced periods in which he felt like he was merely persevering by putting in 60-hour work weeks and a lot of sweat. While the payoff led to him running a business free of cash flow and volume issues, he says it came at a sacrifice. Before PDS, Illan was missing out on a lot of his son’s events and started to feel very isolated. When asked what Illan would tell someone who is not a PDS member, he quickly responded, “I wish I had joined sooner.”

“My previous mentality was if I didn’t do it, it wouldn’t get done. Now we’re accomplishing more than ever while I’m doing less. I’ve never been happier. I’m making more money than I’ve ever made, and I have less stress than I’ve ever had. It’s hard to put into words how nice it is.”

Added Second Store in 2019

PDS Strategies Implemented


We‘ve helped thousands of pharmacies improve. Now, it’s your turn.