The Pharmacy Brand Promise Your Patients Need to Read

Pharmacies are in a unique position to be seen as the champion of patient wellness and community healing. They are the destination for judgment-free care. Unfortunately, people carry an assumption that every business they step into will try to sell them on their products just to turn a buck. Your brand promise is about sharing your commitment to health and wellness goes beyond profit.

Show them you care! The people who walk through your door are patients, not just a number. If you make them feel that way, you’re likely to lose them. But if you make them feel like you’re their healthcare champion, they will reward you with loyalty and a deeper relationship.

Pharmacies are both healthcare providers and retail businesses, so it’s a slippery slope gaining trust and providing the best-customized healthcare while moving the needle in their business. This is why it’s so important to be transparent and treat both sides of the coin — patient health and customer happiness — as a priority.

Many companies have brand promises directed towards their customers that exemplify their mission to place their happiness first. Here are a few famous brands with promises that have resonated with us:

Zappos: “Deliver WOW Through Service”

What Zappos does remarkably well is delighting their customers with services and features that are (still!) ahead of the curve with online retailers. Customers are encouraged to buy as much as they want, and return whatever they don’t like for up to a year with free shipping both ways. They can also call their customer service reps’ for just about anything under the sun. The call center team does not rely on scripts, they don’t have quotas or call-time limits. Their only mandate is to serve their customers to the best of their abilities. In fact, the culture at Zappos is so strong that new hiring recruits are offered $2,000 to quit after the training period, but only 10% take the money and leave.

Disney: “Creating Happiness Through Magical Experiences”

Disney dedicates their resources to making its parks “the happiest place on earth.” This mantra extends to everything they do, from providing unique check-in services, cast characters dedicated to delight guests, pristine and detailed sets, and leveraging the latest technologies to improve their guests’ experiences. It’s all part of the magic that happens here.

AirBnb: “Belong Anywhere”

Airbnb’s logo symbolizes “people, place, and love.” This inclusive message in their logo and brand promise transfers to their customers’ experience so they can expect to feel welcome and at home anywhere in the world.

But what about pharmacies?! We thought you’d never ask. PDS has created The Pharmacy Promise. This promise, that can be used in every retail pharmacy, serves as a vow from provider to patient that they will act in their patients’ best interest – and no one else’s – the moment they walk through the door. It is equally as important for your team to know this promise as well. Not only will they know it when they interact with patients, but they will take pride in their workplace and the mission of your pharmacy.

You can download the Pharmacy Promise below to print out and hang up in your store or commit it to your team’s memory so they can relay this to your patients during their interaction.

Pharmacy Promise To Our Patients

We don’t work for the insurance companies or the pharmaceutical companies, We Work For You!
We promise to work with your doctor to find you the best product available that your insurance will pay for, in order for you to get the best outcome possible.

Download Your Copy of the PDS Pharmacy Promise Below