Busier or More Profitable: Which Would You Rather Be?

When you partner with organizations such as Pharmacy Development Services (PDS) and Live Oak Bank, you are choosing to do what it takes to win in an unfair game. You no longer have to make due with whatever prescriptions come through the door. If you know where to look there are countless opportunities to make a substantial profit in your independent pharmacy.

Click on the interactive video below to learn more about how PDS and Live Oak Bank can keep your pharmacy successful, profitable, and sustainable.

Save your seat for the upcoming live webinar about unlocking the potential of your pharmacy business. Learn more about PDS and Live Oak Bank, a premier sponsor of #PDS2017. Our goal is to bring pharmacy entrepreneurs the tools and solutions partners to establish a solid foundation, grow your business, and provide ongoing support you as your navigate the industry in the coming year.

Live Oak Bank is one of the largest investors in community pharmacies in the industry and has provided nearly $750 million in loans since 2010. They provide funding and packages to address all of your pharmacy needs.

  • Quick loan closes – approximately 47 days
  • Favorable terms with low-interest rates
  • Low equity requirements

As your dedicated solutions partner, Live Oak Bank can assist your pharmacy with everything from facilitating prescription file purchases and software solutions to streamlining improved inventory management. As a major sponsor of #PDS2017 Live Oak Bank will be in attendance, making it the perfect time to stop by their booth and learn more abouttheir loan capabilities, low-interest rates, and equity requirements.