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This is What Winning in the Pharmacy Business Looks Like

PDS is committed to helping you succeed more than you ever thought possible. Our commitment is to earn you back the cost of your membership investment as quickly as possible and to multiply your investment as many times as possible. To put it simply, we exist to make your life easier and your business better.

Amerimed Pharmacy

Gaining More Wins through a More Energized Team

Apple Discount Drugs

PDS Tools Find Better Care Options and Unlock Hidden Profits

Beck’s Drugs

PDS Channels Owner’s Hard Work into Consistent Growth

Carolina Pharmacy Arboretum

PDS Strategies Pay Off With a Massive 99x ROI In Just One Year

Central Pharmacy

PDS Helps Pharmacy Navigate Fast, Successful Expansion

CertaCare Pharmacy

Pharmacy Increases Productivity and Profits through PDS Tools

Cheek & Scott Drugs

Gaining Better Outcomes With Game-Changing Paradigm Shift

City Drug Pharmacy

Pharmacy Owner Takes Back His Time – and Increases Profits

Drug City Pharmacy

One Owner Takes Back Control, Thanks to the PDS Peer Network

Dunnellon Discount Drugs

Clear Direction Leads Directly to Clear Profitability

Exton Pharmacy

A Focus on Accounting Drives Better Numbers

Family Pharmacy

RxAnalytics Leads to Long-Term Gains in Oklahoma

Gateway Health Mart North

Prioritizing Employees and Patients Leads to Success

Gibbs Pharmacy

Key Strategies Lead to Employee Empowerment and Enjoyment

Harmon’s Healthmart Pharmacy

Third-Generation Pharmacy Launches New Era With PDS

Hitchcock Rx

Gaining a Competitive Edge Through a Strong Network

Idel Pharmacy

Big-Picture Clarity from PDS Leads to Less Stress, More Profits

Iuka Discount Drugs

Investment in PDS Pays Off in Big Ways for Mississippi Pharmacy

Jasper Drug Store

New Insights Mean Greater Efficiency, Greater Profits

Jim’s Pharmacy

Happier Customers, Higher Profits and Huge Return on Investment

Kirk’s Pharmacy & Gifts

Deliberate Investment Pays Real Dividends and Drives New Growth

Kirkwood Pharmacy Group

Creating New Revenue Streams

Lakeland Pharmacy

Fun, Competitive Culture Leads to Buy-In and Big Results

Med-World Pharmacy

Maintaining a Positive Mindset instead of Taking on Big Competitors

Medicap Pharmacy

What’s Good for the Patients is Also Good for the Business

Medicap Pharmacy Toledo

Growing the Business by Diversifying and Building a Strong Work Culture

Medtime Pharmacy

New Strategies, New Growth

Mickey Fine Pharmacy

Streamlining Operations and Synch Programs Lead to Major Growth

Mills Pharmacy

Real Growth through Real Goal-Setting and Real Accountability

Morton Alwan Pharmacy

Delivering Great Customer Service Through Experience and Innovation

North Century Pharmacy

A Genuine Passion for Community and Innovation

Patterson Family Pharmacy

From Overwhelming Stress to Overwhelming Success

Prevo Drug

The Confidence to Know What’s Next Leads to Real Growth

Seip Drug

Creating Efficiency and Better Patient Care

Seven Lakes Prescription Shoppe

Confidence to Invest in Other Areas of the Business

Sweetgrass Pharmacy

Diversifying for Success

Tanglewood Drustore

Building a Foundation for Business Growth

The Pharmacy at Wellington

Community Involvement and Diversification are Key

Thornhill’s Pharmacy

Designing Your Own Future

Tyson Drug Co.

Therapeutic Optimization Reveals Insight to Increase Profits

Village Discount Drugs

Recognizing Value Year After Year With Fresh Tools, Ideas from PDS

Wannamaker Drugs

Gaining the Right Insights Through Straight Talk and Effective Tools

Whiting Pharmacy

Profit Generating Across the Board

What’s it like when it all starts working? We want to help you find out.

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