3 Things to Boost Independent Pharmacy Profits

Boost Independent Pharmacy Profits
Starting as an entrepreneur, your vision was clear: you wanted to own a business, so you could apply the storehouse of knowledge you gained over the years of school and put it to good use. Achieving your goals wasn’t easy, and now it’s time to perfect your strategy and implement the real vision for your own pharmacy.

How can your pharmacy stand out? How can you make your place of business somewhere your employees want to come to every day? It’s time to connect the dots and help your independent pharmacy profits grow. It’s time you feel that work-life balance.

To help you get there, here are 3 things every successful pharmacy needs:

1. Leadership

You’re a leader, but are you leading? Leadership requires a unique skill of inspiration and making your employees feel safe, secure, and confident about their jobs. Building a relationship of trust is the key. If your employees feel secure, they will want to work hard and go that extra mile to get things done. They won’t be afraid to ask questions and evolve -all while staying loyal to your pharmacy. Your employees are more than a group of people that works for you. You’re on the same team, working toward the same goals – and that requires mutual respect. You don’t want your team to come in and simply put in their time, counting down the hours until the weekend. Creating a culture through your brand will attract the right people and will encourage your employees to share the same dreams and goals. Building a motivated team is half the battle to the top.

2. Innovation

The ability to stand out from the crowd is another crucial component of any successful pharmacy. There’s a reason why you started an independent business: you wanted to implement your own vision and bring innovative ideas to life — ideas that will satisfy the existing customer base, at the same time opening new revenue streams. Filling prescriptions is just one way to help patients fulfill their needs. Providing them with a great service and a motivational environment will build a trusting relationship, which in turn, will ensure customer retention. Your happy customers will soon turn into brand evangelists who will gladly promote your business because of how much it means to them.

3. Connection

Finally, making connections within your community is what makes a business skyrocket. You may not have put a lot of emphasis on networking when you were in pharmacy school or even working for a chain pharmacy. Owning an independent pharmacy is all about building strong connections: you don’t have to run through every bump in the road on your own. Getting together with like-minded individuals will help you gain a different perspective, as well as encourage you to create and implement new ideas.

Knowing that you’re not alone is a good feeling to have. Sharing mutual problems, giving and taking advice will help you strengthen your pharmacy’s strategy and vision. You’ll have the advantage of avoiding mistakes other pharmacy owners have already made. You’ll gain help in the areas that are most vulnerabile. Additionally, you’ll learn industry secrets early. In the pharmacy industry it’s not uncommon for a drug price to go up, or for certain insurance carriers to lose coverage of some drugs. By connecting with others in the same field, you can obtain this information first and use it to be proactive with your pharmacy business.

Your goal should be to stay ahead of the game, always. To live, breathe, and evolve, your pharmacy business you will need to lead, innovate and connect. It’s not just about filling prescriptions and counting profits. It’s about forming relationships with other industry leaders to help you learn and grow. It’s about being at the forefront of new ideas and the first in your community to dive into fresh opportunities.

Ultimately, it’s about creating an environment that your team wants to be a part of, where it can thrive and the desire to do the best type of work all the time just for your pharmacy exists. You may have already been in business for a few years, but your strategy doesn’t stop just because new business has officially started.

There you have it! These three tools will help you evolve your pharmacy to its fullest potential and keep you ready for the future.

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