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For Pharmacy Owners
By Pharmacy Owners

80% of the healthcare market is controlled by three major Medicare D Plans and Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs) resulting in increased drug costs, decreased competition, and few low-cost alternatives.

Indy Health is an independent-owned health insurance plan committed to making prescription drug plans more transparent and controlling costs within the industry.

Indy Health is the first independent preferred network that offers higher reimbursements rates for its investors. Essentially, you own part of the company and share cost savings through higher reimbursements rates and dispensing fees.

Currently, in the first round of general solicitation with a goal of $20M, the company is on track to market in the plan year 2021 with Medicare Part D as the first product offering.


    Indy Health is the first and only transparent healthcare company that is majority owned and operated solely by independent pharmacy owners.


    Deliver exceptional patient outcomes through improved compliance with MTM and transparent pricing and coverage for consumers.


    Share in the cost savings and rebates through higher reimbursements and dispensing fees.