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Chris Cornelison

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  • Old Strategy, New Method

    Chris and his team had been doing data mining for many years by hand, but with the help of PDS, they are now able to utilize technology and see greater profit margins. He used data mining and synchronization of prescriptions as a twofold strategy, and was able to sync their 500 most profitable patients first to see an immediate and significant increase in earnings and to provide extraordinary care and service.

  • Change Begins at the Top with Leadership Development

    Chris has sent five people from his team to the PDS Advanced Leadership Program, which is a multi-course workshop on assessing your own personal leadership role, creating strategies to change behavior to achieve optimum results, and learning to create and sustain a positive team culture. Chris has seen such impactful results from the Advanced Leadership Program and Leadership 3.0 that he would encourage everyone to take the class, not just those in the pharmacy industry.

Why I love PDS

It costs time and money, but with PDS you get more time and more money in return.

It’s twofold, it’s data mining and being able to focus your team and set goals. And my team is so good at it now that when the concept of data mining came out, it was something we were already doing, only a lower level, we were able to put technology and processes in place.

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