Marketing 360

Program Description

Create a realistic strategy that focuses on target audiences
and marketing materials that will light a fire under your
existing efforts, existing patients, and new patients to
drive business quickly and methodically. This training is a
2 day live training. This training is appropriate for
whomever is in charge of your marketing: owner, RPh,
technician or marketer.

Top Benefits
  • Shift the mindset from satisfying everyone in the community to being an expert for specific groups of customers that are highly profitable
  • Develop marketing personas for their ideal customers outlining who they are, where to find them, how to market to them
  • Learn how to dig into their data to uncover existing or potential profit centers to generate more business
  • Participants will discover how to best utilize the physical space in their pharmacy through a 4-walls evaluation, and creating a delightful customer experience that fosters raving fans
  • Create target audience marketing strategies utilizing all forms of available media
  • Learn implemental strategies along the way and finish the course with a marketing plan
Marketing 360

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Financial Impact

Financial Impact

Increase business by learning effective marketing strategies for pharmacies

Make your marketing dollars work smarter and harder

Most pharmacies have limited time, money or resources for marketing use yours more efficiently by becoming laser focused on your marketing efforts