Medicine Delivery by Drones


The Future of the Independent Pharmacy is now, and it’s more real than you think…

Hovering 20 feet above ground, drones hardly surprise anyone these days. You’ve probably seen stunning aerial footage of canyons, music festivals and city skylines captured and delivered by these camera-equipped, so-called “phantoms of the sky”. Today, drones are on a silent mission to expand our future.

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), or drones, as we know them, have clearly ushered a brand new technology that will only continue to grow. By 2018 the Federal Aviation Administration predicts some 7500 small commercial drones will be present in the United States alone. While still in its infancy, commercial drone operation is limited and requires special approval from the Federal Government.

To date, only a handful of businesses in agriculture, real estate and cinematography have been granted approvals to fly UAVs commercially. A few healthcare companies are on that list too, including a pop-up health clinic in rural Virginia that experimented with the very first government-approved medicine drone delivery just last month!  Watch this video: