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Learn How Irving Pharmacy Improved Their Gross Profit Per Prescription By 78%

Real Results at Irving Pharmacy

  • The Problem

    Irving Pharmacy in Paterson, New Jersey was working hard without seeing results. They were highly dependent on dispensing and their average Gross Profit Per Prescription (GP/Rx) was only $8.11. 

  • The Fallout

    The pharmacy is located in a densely populated area, with plenty of competition and only 20 miles outside of NYC, the original COVID epi-center. Facing an uncertain environment, DIR fees spiraling out of control, and a team working on overdrive, the owners knew they needed a plan. 

  • Solutions + Outcomes

    PDS worked with Irving to develop a plan and the pharmacy committed to a cadence of calls – alternating weeks with their Business Coach and Performance Specialist. One of their first areas of focus was to improve their medication synchronization (MedSync) program. With the help of PDS, they set goals and implemented a scoreboard to keep their team engaged. In just 9 months, the team synchronized over 75 patients. They were then able to spend time focusing on SmartDispense and as a result, they have increased their average GP/Rx to $14.50 (a 78% increase!).  

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