Bryan Mayes, RPh

Performance Specialist & Business Coach

Bryan wears many hats here at PDS. For starters, he’s a Performance Specialist. In this role, Bryan helps his clients stay on task and makes sure they manage their projects, all while supplying them with marketing strategies and providing them with resources so they can achieve their goals. Since Bryan likes to keep his plate full, so he’s also a Business Coach for a group of members. And since Bryan always saves room for dessert, he also takes lead responsibility for a Tech Training Class, heads up a Clinical Services team, and keeps up with the latest in Inventory Control and DIR Mitigation, where he is a Subject Matter Expert.

We could add that Bryan graduated from the University of Pittsburgh School of Pharmacy, then worked for various pharmacy and grocery chains (he was the Director of Pharmacy for one grocery chain where he oversaw 27 pharmacies in New York and Pennsylvania) before landing  at PDS. But we prefer to just tip our hat to Bryan for doing an outstanding job in all his PDS roles.