Chip Phillips

Chief Executive Officer

Charles (Chip) Phillips is a seasoned senior executive with an extensive background in commercializing and distributing pharmaceutical products, providing a wide range of pharmacy services, and delivering healthcare services.

Chip is passionate about helping businesses succeed, in particular those in the independent pharmacy industry. He is a strong believer in collaboration, hard work, and constant innovation. 

Chip’s leadership roles prior to coming to PDS are extensive. He served as a commercial advisor to Teva Pharmaceutical LTD North America and as the President and CEO of ANDA (a Teva subsidiary). Prior to joining ANDA, Chip held a number of executive roles with CVS Health, including GM Medicaid, President of Theracom, President of Minute Clinic, and COO of Pharmacare. 

In addition to other senior level roles Chip has held in the healthcare industry (COO of HealthPartners and President of CHD Meridian Healthcare), Chip spent 10 years as a CPA and consultant with national accounting firm Ernst and Young. He also holds board membership in a number of healthcare organizations, like the Senior Care Pharmacy Coalition and the Healthcare Distribution Alliance.

Chip received his undergraduate degree in Business from Capital University and became a CPA in 1981.