Dan Benamoz, RPh

Founder & President, Pharmacy Development Services

Dan Benamoz is an innovator. Years after Dan purchased his first pharmacy business, he realized that there was no connection between his clinical knowledge and the business skills needed to run a thriving, successful business. 

He was not alone. Approximately 20,000 independent pharmacies across the nation try to remain viable as a business in an industry that remains merciless to independent pharmacy owners. Inflated fees, lower reimbursements, unfair claw backs, relentless big-box competition. The list goes on.

Taking matters into his own hands, Dan hired business development experts, innovators, and thought leaders to develop multiple successful pharmacies under his leadership. He found his way through the cut-throat pharmacy industry, and he has made it his life’s mission to show independent pharmacies that they don’t have to make do with what is given to them. 

Dubbed a revolutionary of independent pharmacy, Dan founded Pharmacy Development Services (PDS) in 1998 with the laser-focused mission of developing independent pharmacy businesses through a proven combination of coaching, consulting, financial analysis, employee development, and a broad array of marketing and training programs. Dan and the PDS team have helped transform thousands of ordinary pharmacy owners into bona fide entrepreneurs with thriving businesses. 

In 2017 alone, PDS helped its network of owners earn an additional $100 million in additional profit. The results are very real and life-changing.

Over the years, Dan’s vision has made PDS the only independent pharmacy business development firm of its kind. Dan has empowered pharmacy owners nationwide—PDS is now branching out globally—to take back the industry, one successful pharmacy at a time.